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Month in Review: April 2009

Another month, another threat to the existence of the human race. As if a global economic crisis wasn’t enough, now we’re dealing with pirates, North Korean nuclear tests, and of course swine flu.

Competition for the coveted “Worst Person of the Month” award was stiff, and many candidates that would have had a shot in other months didn’t even warrant serious consideration this month. Without any further ado, here are the highs and lows from this past month as we saw them:


Month in Review: March 2009

We’ve survived another month. March 2009 will officially not be the month in which humanity is wiped out by nuclear war, asteroids, or Rush Limbaugh’s increasingly bloated head.


Month in Review: February 2009

February ’09 was an eventful month to say the least. Depending on your political perspective, we either enacted maximum-strength programs to revive our country or took several long strides in our continuing March to Socialism.