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No Offense, Jon Stewart– But You’re a Bit of a Coward

First things first– we love Jon Stewart. We watch his show religiously. But after watching him humiliate CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday night, we realized something:

Jon Stewart is a coward.

He’s the classic Monday morning quarterback. Think about it. When has Jon Stewart addressed a problem BEFORE it was blindingly obvious?

In hindsight, it’s apparent to us all that the financial world made idiotic calculations. Attacking some douchebag commentator this late in the game is like picking on a baseball player after his team has already lost the game.

Another classic Stewart feud was with CNN’s Crossfire (this video is hilarious.) He chewed them up– accused them of being “political hacks” and called the show “bad for America.” And he was right. Just like he was right about CNBC.

But in both cases, when HIS performance was questioned, he played his Coward Card: “I’m a comedian.”

In other words, his show shouldn’t be held to the same standards as “real” TV. This makes sense, of course, but Stewart wants it (and gets it) both ways. When he feels like attacking somebody, he can do it, and he can make headlines. But if anybody turns on him, nothing sticks, because “it’s a comedy show.”

It’s not fair. You can’t have it both ways. You’re a brilliant interviewer, Stewart, and you’ve got plenty of money by now. LEAVE Comedy Central and get a “real” show yourself.

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The bottom line is this: Jon Stewart is NOT simply a comedian. ‘The Daily Show’ is hilarious, but it has also become a major factor in the political realm. Jon Stewart should acknowledge this and step out of his protective cocoon and into the “real” world. He’d be better off for it– anybody who watched his unedited interview with Cramer and then watched the edited version realizes how much is lost to the Comedy Central cutting room floor.

Again, we love Jon Stewart. Much of America loves Jon Stewart. He combines comedy and commentary with a strong dose of ‘populist’ rage– and it’s brilliant.

But at some point, you can’t keep taking shots at people and then running back to mother. For Stewart, it’s time to grow up and venture out into the real world.

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18 comments to No Offense, Jon Stewart– But You’re a Bit of a Coward

  • I beg to differ. Calling him a coward is absolute doublespeak on your part. Out of all of the news outlets in the US and the world, “the coward” is THE only one that had the balls to cry foul on the networks complicity in the robbing of America. Tell me, who else has been “cowardly” enough to speak out about this?

    You mention that he needs to join the “real world” and grow up? By “real world” do you mean the corporate controlled media outlets that were forbidden to comment on the Cramer and Stewart piece? I think the fact that he is on a “comedy show”, allows him the freedoms that the traditional tongue tied media outlets are either unable to or are unwilling to ask the hard questions.

    I think “the coward” is just fine in his fantasy land reporting more relevant news than our “trusted” media outlets. you know, its a sad sad commentary when the American citizens are getting more relevant and hard hitting news from “cowardsville” than from out true media sources. I think you need reevaluate and to ask yourself who the real “cowards” are?

  • This website is a waste of time. Maybe you and Tucker Carlson can start a club.

  • Lord Tantrum

    I agree with most of what you said, bhuddamonk. The media conglomerates are pathetic, and they’re bad for the country. However, Stewart is popular enough that I’m sure he could get a show anywhere and be allowed to express his opinions without censorship. You don’t think CNN or MSNBC would KILL to have Jon Stewart? They’d give him whatever he wants.

    Again, we like his show. But it doesn’t seem right that he can attack public figures who DO put themselves out there, but he’s immune to criticism “because it’s a comedy show.”

  • Lord Tantrum

    We’ll look into that, Mr. Smith.

  • MJ

    I have to agree with bhuddamonk. John Stewart is a comedian who happens to call a spade a spade. His show goes after the hypocracy of the system and does great after-the-fact commentary on it. I don’t think they do any hard-hitting investigative work, and they aren’t supposed to. In a way his show is simply a way to focus and galvanize populist outrage of the system that we are all thinking, but none of us has the style or the bully pulpit to say it that John Stewart has.

  • bigmack

    Jon Stewart’s show is a fake news show billed as such. He is calling out the so called real news shows for not doing what they are suppose to. The difference between Stewart’s show and Fox News is, Stewart’s viewers know it is comedy and get real news in the process, Fox viewers think they are getting real news when they are getting comedy from Fox News.

  • Lord Tantrum

    You guys are missing the point. I’ve watched Jon Stewart for years. I know what his show is about. I’ve also seen him go through these public “feuds” with members of the media, and every time, when they question his credibility, he says “I’m a comedy show.” I’d like to see him step out of his criticism-free zone and try to do things right.

  • MJ


    I think you are missing the point when you think that a comedy show, on a comedy network has to do the job real news organisations should be doing.

  • alex hestan

    I agree with the author. it’s just like espn analysts who criticize after the fact. good analysts see things as they happen, when they aren’t obvbious. all stewart does is rip the shit out of people after it’s common knowledge that they screwed up. he takes the populist thing too far. i’m glad someone is saying this

  • Lord Tantrum

    MJ, the thing is, Stewart transcends comedy. He’s a political figure. But unlike most pop-culture icons, he’s somehow immune to criticism. That’s all we’re saying. It’s bizarre that he gets all this glory for humiliating Jim Cramer (not that Cramer didn’t deserve it), but never has to take any risk himself.

  • MJ


    This is more a failure in your expectations from John Stewart, since he has never claimed to be a reporter. He is an a comedian and interviewer at best. He’s just more poignent and thought prevoking with his questions then most of hte late night competition. Perhaps you should re-evaluate your perspectives a bit?

  • nicholas

    you can love john stewart and still notice that this author is BANG ON THE MONEY. to all those who claim that the article is wrong because john stewart is just a comedian and never claimed to be taken seriously, PLEASE watch his interviews where he ‘tears people apart” and ask yourself “how many jokes has he done in the past 15 minutes?”

    time to start putting a more critical eye to someone who, frankly, has turned into somewhat of a sacred cow himself.

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  • doowangle

    This article is dead on the money, Jon Stewart is untouchable and he knows it. Even on the internet you can’t DARE criticize anything he does without a hundred hate comments. People feverishly rush to defend him and dismiss anyone who points out his missteps as a ‘out of touch conservative’ or ‘foxnews wackjob.’

    Yes he is a comedian and a lot of what he does is satire, but it does not end there. He does very real interviews with important people. He has no problems making very real, non-comedy accusations and gives very real non comedy critiques to various public figures. That is the point where his comedy defense goes out the window.

    When he is making jokes about a persons looks, speaking gaffs, or outright silliness, that is comedy. When you start attacking public figures policies and ideology, that’s where it stops being comedy only. These public figures that he attacks have every right to give valid criticisms back to Stewart and point out his own hypocrisies.

    No matter how much you agree with Stewart or share his frustrations, he is not perfect and should not be immune to scrutiny. No one on TV should. To blindly and angrily defend him from any and all attacks is simply because he shares your same political views is giving in to the ‘party mentality’ that he himself claims to reject.

  • brad

    the reason jon is not a coward is because he is not a new journalist. he is simply a comedian. he takes real political and social issues and makes fun of them, bringing truth to light for people. he does not make the news his priority, being funny is. i love jon stewart and his show but most you need to know the difference between what he does and local and national news, not that same thing at all.

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