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Perez Hilton: Making Gay People Everywhere Look Bad

Have you seen this? At the Miss USA 2009 Pageant, contestant Carrie Prejean was asked for her opinion on gay marriage. Watch:

Before you go further, answer this: Was Prejean’s comment bigoted or hurtful?

Clearly, the answer is no.  She was asked for her opinion and she gave it respectfully.

Prejean ended up finishing in second place (and alleged that her answer to the gay-marriage question cost her the title), but is already more well known than the winner.  Her answer ignited a media firestorm, leading to this response from blogger/gay rights advocate/contestant judge Perez Hilton (the colors are screwed up for a few seconds at the beginning):

She’s “a dumb bitch”?

Really Perez?  What’s the matter with you?  Why would you have submitted that question if you didn’t want an honest answer?  How dare you personally attack a young lady for expressing herself?  Isn’t that EXACTLY what the gay-rights movement is about?  She didn’t give you the answer you wanted, but she was NOT rude about it.  She disagrees with you.  Aren’t we supposed to tolerate disagreement?

Anyway, we realized that Perez Hilton is to gay rights as PETA is to animal rights— their cause is noble, but they’re so f*cking over the top that they end up HURTING their movements.  Perez Hilton, fairly or unfairly, is at least a minor symbol of the gay rights movement– and he came off as a childish, intolerant jerk.

Congratulations, Perez.  We hope you’re proud.

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11 comments to Perez Hilton: Making Gay People Everywhere Look Bad

  • “Perez Hilton is to gay rights as PETA is to animal rights”

    Damn right!
    He makes gay people everywhere look bad.
    Not every gay are stuck up pricks!

  • Johnny Neurotik

    OMG, that bitch did NOT just say that! Perez, you fucking flamer! She doesn’t agree with you, so you would snatch her tiara and run with it if she won? OH NOEZ, someone didn’t agree with Perez’ view of gay marriage…boo hoo! Perhaps Perez forgets about this little thing we have in America called “Freedom” (what’s left of it, anyway). Guess what? We don’t have to subscribe to your world view, (wo)man!

    Personally, I believe that married couples, gay or straight, should not get any extra benefit over single people in the eyes of the law. It’s unfair to those of us to choose to NOT spend our lives attached to one person. If two people want to live together forever, great, go for it. But should they get perks for it? Hell NO! I wonder if Perez would agree with that view? If he didn’t, I’d snatch his fucking tiara and run with it, even if I got arrested! 😉

  • Johnny Neurotik

    Oh, kudos to Carrie for standing up for what she really believes, even if though she knew it could fuck up her chances of winning. Now THAT is what America needs, not sellouts like Perez Hilton.

  • Lord Tantrum

    Whether people agree with Carrie or not, they should appreciate her honesty. It takes guts to give an unpopular answer in a situation like that,

  • As a member of the LGBT community, I am completely horrified and embarrassed by Hilton’s response. I hope people are smart enough to know he makes a living (and damn good one) on being obnoxious, but DOES NOT represent the larger part of the LGBT community.

    Humility and maturity go a long way…Hilton has neither.

  • Lord Tantrum

    Thanks for commenting, James. To me, the tragic part of this whole episode is that there are ignorant people out there who DON’T understand that Hilton doesn’t speak for all gay-marriage advocates.

  • Who won? Yeah, this might have actually worked out for her in the end. Spokeswoman? TV offers? Perez, you made her famous.

  • Trevster

    Who is Perez Hilton?? He is just another one of the “famous for being famous” ilk. From what I can see and hear,his posting was less than honest…I heard no booing at Miss California for her response…yet he claimed she was booed. Who is he to claim the worst answer in history.
    The attitude to gay marriage varies widely amongst gays; there are those who are indifferent/against it as they see it as just an assimilation of religious straight standards.

  • LTHAtlanta

    I was also embarrassed at his behavior. I can only hope our larger organizations will come out and make a statement in favor of Miss California having the right to express you opinions. Of course, I don’t agree with her, but she does have that freedom…..besides…she looked amazing!

  • I have thought for a very long time now that this dude is giving gay people a bad name. He is the stereotypical a** who has to insult everyone. It’s time for Perez to hang it up!

  • yue

    Ummm…. has anyone from our LGBT community done anything bout this? I wish we could just staple perez hilton’s mouth. I dont understand how did he became the judge of the pageant. when everyone knows his only good at bashing against other people. I mean his blogs have a lot of hurtful, most likely twisted lies. He is obviously not a very credible judge. I mean what if ms cali did say she was pro gay marriage would that mean she’d have won!!! now where is the fairness and equality in that, which by the way we are all fighting for. if we want some change we should set an example, and hopefully they follow.

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