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Apple Reconsiders, Decides Shaking Babies To Death Is a Bad Thing

We’re part of a tiny minority that DOESN’T own an iPhone– which explains why we didn’t hear about this story until now.

Apparently Apple authorized an application entitled “baby shaker”– in which the objective is to shake the phone until the crying baby dies.  They changed their mind and pulled it yesterday, but how the hell did that get approved in the first place?  From the SFGate column:

“Baby Shaker,” a simple app from Sikalosoft, was first released Monday for 99 cents. It shows pictures of babies with the sound of them crying and a stop watch. To stop the crying, you shake the iPhone hard and then little Xs appear on the eyes of the baby, who will presumably never cry again.

Apple apparently pulled the app sometime Wednesday afternoon after blogs and sites such as TechCrunch and Cnet caught on to the story. It’s hard to believe that this got through the iPhone app certification process in the first place.


Glad to see they woke up.

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2 comments to Apple Reconsiders, Decides Shaking Babies To Death Is a Bad Thing

  • I have never laughed s hard in my life. This is great Apple I may want to go out and get one of your operating systems though. When I read this I said to myself…these assholes are buying game to shake their phones as hard as they ca. what a better way to produce wear and tear on the phone and he consumers never think about it. Also the beauty of it all is they pay to put the application on their phone. Ingenious I wish I worked for these people. I wan to figure out how to tear up peoples expensive electronics so I cqan et paid too lololol all the way to the bank..not b or a 😛

  • Frostbite

    Glad to see you join me in the small section of people that don’t care two shits about iPhones. Hell I don’t like anything Apple makes personally.

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