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Relax, Everyone. Eating Pork Won’t Give You Swine Flu.

Swine flu has completely dominated the last couple of news cycles, even making into Rush Limbaugh’s agenda today.  (Rush helpfully informed us that eating pork, bacon, or hotdogs will not infect us.  However, he advised against kissing pigs.  Seriously.)  At any rate, while 149 deaths and thousands of infections in Mexico is a big deal, it’s too early to panic.

Most likely, the fatalities in Mexico could have been avoided with prompt medical attention– sadly, many of the victims do not have access to the type of health care readily available in the US.

It’s highly unlikely that there will be more than a handful of deaths in the US, despite constant hysterical coverage from the media.

Relax.  If you have flu-like symptoms, go to the doctor.  If you’re planning on travelling to Mexico, you may want to hold off for a bit.  Other than that, don’t worry.  This is going to blow over quickly.

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