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Fact of the Day– May 12, 2009

According to Chuck Shepherd’s News of the Weird, Great Britain seems to be going a bit overboard with their safety regulations:

Building a Risk-Free Society

Safety First in Britain: Recently, 118 local government councils conducted formal tests on their cemeteries’ gravestones to see how susceptible they are to toppling over and hurting people, according to an April Daily Telegraph report. [Daily Telegraph, 4-19-09]

In April, a circus clown performing in Liverpool was ordered not to wear his classic oversized shoes because he could trip and injure someone. [Daily Telegraph, 4-23-09]

BBC producers, wielding a “telephone-book-size” set of safety precautions while making a recent adventure documentary, ordered Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (the first person to sail single-handedly and nonstop around the world) not to light a portable stove unless a “safety advisor” supervised. [Daily Mail, 4-18-09]

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