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Go Away, Nancy Pelosi

This is becoming very tiresome.  BBC reports:

At a somewhat chaotic news conference, [Pelosi] – who used to be the leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee – turned her fire on the CIA itself.

Previously she said she had been briefed in 2002 that waterboarding and other controversial methods had been approved but not that they had been used.

Now she says the agency misled her by explicitly informing her that those methods had not been employed.

First she said she knew nothing about it, then she said she was briefed on waterboarding but was told it wouldn’t be used, and now she’s blaming the CIA.  What’s next?  You knew what was going on the entire time but aliens from outer space forced you to remain silent?

We’ve made clear our feelings on Pelosi.  She’s not interested in what’s best for the country, she’s interested in political gains.  She is a greater threat to Obama’s presidency than the Republican party.  Get rid of her!

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