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Kind of irritating

So in the last couple months we have extended tax cuts for wealthy Americans and then grappled over how much to take away from the poor and elderly in the form of medicare and medicaid.  These cuts recently agreed to apparently will remove $60 billion or so from this year’s budget.  Meanwhile, the tax extensions will cost over $360 billion over the next two years.  Kind of like a reverse Robin Hood deal.  That’s change I can believe in!

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  • shiny666

    Agreed. Let the wealthy manage, invest, divide, and cache their wealth. The poor and most elderly don’t really have that option. We should be giving them a break, not the other way around, especially at the cost of the latter.

    I’m so tired of hearing of poor, sick, retired, working-class folks freezing to death because they can’t afford heat in a small apartment, or starving to death even while having resorted to eating pet food. (Or getting killed off by their caregivers) Ditto with helping entire other countires instead of our own homeless, many of which I’d venture to guess are mislabled as miscreants just because the majority might be.

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