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Leave my wisdom teeth alone!

If you’re over the age of 18, you’ve probably had your wisdom teeth removed. You’ve almost certainly been told by your dentist that you MUST have them removed.

What your dentist WON’T tell you is that there’s a strong chance you’ll never develop any complications if you keep them. He’ll refer you to an oral surgeon who will charge you a couple of thousand dollars to remove them. If you ask any questions, he’ll try and scare you into compliance– “if you don’t take care of this now you could develop acute gingrophilblablablabla…”. He’s FULL of SHIT! Yes, many people do need to lose their wisdom teeth. But MANY MORE DON’T! Why not wait and see? Do we preemptively remove our appendixes? What about our tonsils? So what’s so special about the wisdom teeth? Obviously we at RagingTantrum.com are not medically trained, don’t take our word for it! Read what the British Medical Journal found, courtesy of Naturalnews.com. Excerpt:

In a groundbreaking report from the British Medical Journal, researchers who poured over thousands of studies detailing the efficacy of medical and dental procedures have concluded that many popular surgical procedures are completely worthless. Among those is one of the most common procedures performed by your dentist: the removal of so-called “impacted” wisdom teeth. According to the BMJ, this procedure may actually do more harm than good.

The author goes on to assert that “Your dentist is full of bunk” and suggests ignoring his advice. It’s an entertaining and informative piece– check it out.

And if you still have your wisdom teeth and they’re not bothering you, tell your dentist to keep his money-grubbing paws off of them!

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8 comments to Leave my wisdom teeth alone!

  • Michelle

    My dentist thought it was not important to pull them out. They stayed until they started causing trouble. The problem with wisdom teeth is that they are gosh darn hard to clean. If you’re not incredibly vigilant, they will most likely cause damage. Trust me, I know.

  • Lord Tantrum

    Thanks for commenting Michelle. I believe that they often cause trouble… I’ll probably have mine pulled eventually too. But I still think (some) Dentists try to scare their patients into unnecessary, expensive procedures. Was having them pulled as painful as everyone makes it out to be?

  • john

    Leave them alone! I am 39 years old and have been fighting off dentists since I was 20 or so. I’ve gotten so many different stories it is disgusting. When I was 23 my dentist dd the whole “scare me with pics of what could happen”, said I don’t have room, etc. Then, I went to a new dentist — he told me I had plenty of room. My wisdom teeth didn’t start coming in until I was 30 or so — over the past 9 years 2 are now in completely and a third is most of the way in. The 4th is still “impacted”. It seems the dentists try to talk you into it when the wisdom teeth are “erupting”. At that time the tissue is inflamed due to the movement, friction, etc. Once the tooth is all the way in the inflatmation subsides. The dentists goal is to get you to associate the inflamation and mild discomfort as something bad. Should we remove a baby’s teeth when they are teething? Then why would we remove an adult tooth when we are teething. People that have impacted teeth removed are totally being scammed — ALL teeth are impacted if they haven’t come in yet. That is where they are supposed to be at that stage — in the bone! Another scam area to watch out for — carpal tunnel surgery (treat instead first with anti-inflamatory injections), and hysterectomy (don’t do it).

  • Lord Tantrum

    Thanks for the reinforcement john! It really is an incredible scam. Most people don’t know any better– why wouldn’t we trust our dentist? It’s too bad they take advantage of us the way they do. Thanks for the heads up on the other procedures, too.

  • matt

    There is is special place in hell for money grubbing dentists.
    I am now an anti-dentite.

  • Lord Tantrum

    Welcome to the club, Matt. Do you have a story you’d like to share with the masses or is this more of a general complaint?

  • corry

    I agree. i removed my impacted wisdom teeth and it caused nothing but hassle after-wards. all my orthodontic treatment shifted. i live in regret to this day from when they came out.

  • Uncle Ron

    I had a wisdom tooth taken out when I was 29 because it came half way through (bottom right) and got infected and hurt really bad to even open my mouth. I am now 35 and the only reason I had the next two removed (today actually) was because one of them (bottom left) developed a pocket around it and food was constantly getting trapped in the pocket and food was also getting stuck in the space between the wisdom tooth and the tooth in front of it. What the oral surgeon suggested was that after I removed the bottom left, the top left (which is fully in and never caused me a problem) also be removed because it would eventually shift down. He was right about this because years ago I did have a molar removed and the tooth directly above it began coming down badly so I got an implant and it was fine. So that leaves me with just the upper right. I asked the oral surgeon about this one and he was emphatic and said leave it alone. It is totally up in my jawbone but it is completely vertical. I asked him about the possibility of it changing directions and pressing on the tooth in front of it, or worse (read this on google) that a cyst that can turn into a tumor would form and he said extremely RARE. He was a straight shooter with me.

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