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Seven Reasons Wal-Mart Sucks

1)  Wal-Mart has run thousands of small-businesses OUT of business.  The process is frighteningly effective.  Wal-Mart seeks out medium sized towns and builds a store.  They’re able to charge lower prices than the family run shops in the area, who inevitably close up their business.  Often they end up working at Wal-Mart, which leads us to point number two:

2)  Wal-Mart treats employees notoriously badly.  They normally start out paying minimum wage and keep employees there for as long as possible.  Generally people don’t work at Wal-Mart if they have other options, and Wal-Mart knows this.  They can pay next to nothing and still keep their employees.

3) Their products are generally cheap and are always devoid of any sacramental value.  Yes, they sell inexpensive hardware.  But that hardware was produced in China by virtual slave-laborers.  Wal-Mart products enrich nobody but Wal-Mart, as opposed to somewhat pricier products made in the USA or other countries with reasonably compensated laborers.  Shopping elsewhere may cost you more.  But wherever you shop, you’re supporting the system that brought the goods to the store.  Do you want to support Wal-Mart’s system of exploitation?  More on that next.

wal mart image Seven Reasons Wal Mart Sucks


4) Wal-Mart exploits cheap international labor. According to this, workers in Bangladesh make as little as nine cents an hour producing goods for Wal-Mart. Why would they pay more? Than they’d have to charge more, which would mean they couldn’t undercut local businesses anymore!

5) Their customer service is a nightmare. God help you if you ever have to return something (which is likely)! You’ll wait hours because they generally have ONE working customer service agent despite having 15-20 cashiers checking people out. And don’t bother trying to find help over the internet or by phone! I once received a $50 Visa gift card purchased through Wal-Mart. For some reason it didn’t work– and it took literally three months of constant complaining and following up before it was replaced.

6) They have no regard for the environment, despite their ad campaign to the contrary. This article details some of their common abuses, including their pollution of local water supplies. Most of the crap they sell ends up in a landfill sooner or later, where it takes up space forever because Wal-Mart does not believe in biodegradable products!

7) The stores are ugly. The employees have bad attitudes– but who can blame them? There is nothing pleasurable about the shopping experience, other than the price. But remember what those cheap products represent. You pay that great price because Wal-Mart pays its employees as little as it possibly can. That great price is made possible by sweatshop labor overseas. That price is made possible because they don’t concern themselves with environmentally safe materials.

When you shop at Wal-Mart, you save money and you may save time– but you’re giving up your soul in exchange. Fuck Wal-Mart. Buy local.

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  • Richard

    So Walmart complains how sales are down. What the hell do they expect when they try to sell air conditoners in the middle of winter?!
    They are so obssessed with cutting payroll that they are pulling people off the schedule for as many as four days after they were initially put on the schedule. Employees did not find out untill they arrived as scheduled, tried to clock in and were notified by the clock that they were not scheduled to work. So apparently we have to check the schedule every day now, that is for the ones who have the internet. Some do not have internet service, so they can’t check their schedules from home. Some live 45 minutes to one hour away, so it is rather inconvenient to go that far just to check it. Walmart just says go get the internet, but they can’t afford it when they are losing so much time.

  • Karen

    I hate Walmart!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    The best defense against Walmart’s offensive existance – IS AMAZON.

  • dale

    I’ve been shopping at Wal-Mart for the last 25 years or so. Tried to return some items at 3 different Wal-Mart stores in last 2 days in Cary, NC area. One customer service associate at each store, at least 8 people in the return line at each store. Gave up, not going back to Wal-Mart (ever!), will go to Target and pay more but will get more back in long run! Sad part is that Wal-Mart as a company could “CARE LESS” about unhappy customers and their ability to provide a minimal level of customer service. PS: SAM’s Club is no different!

  • walmart employee

    Walmart hires no help no wonder they are so out of stock and the shelves look like shit because there is no one to stock them. Believe me they treat employees like crap

  • Richard

    Walmart has claimed one of the men’s restrooms has been vandalized, and they suspect me of doing it. They claim I was the only one to go in there around the time the vandalism supposedly occured. Since then they have cut me to 24 hours a week. If I get fired I will file a lawsuit against Walmart. The shift manager is a 30 year old punk who only wants to cut payroll. In fact, that is what Walmart is all about now. They do not care about customer service or putting the needs of the store first. They tolerate worthless employees who have a bad attitude, but go after the ones who have been there for years and who have always been productive. I have been there for 6 years (only because no other work is available). They don’t like that I get raises every year. My raise was in July, then I got a coaching in August for doing what they told me to do to ready my department for inventory, then they denied they told me to do it. Now this with the vandalism claim. It is obvious they are setting me up. After being fired an employee can be rehired after two months, but they start over at minimum wage part time. But Walmart claims they are doing what they can to help the economy. They keep telling us there is a company wide hiring freeze on, but I just found out that another Walmart is hiring. The store manager is a liar and a crook. He goes on vacation every month, and has always ignored legitimate concerns. But if anyone goes just one minute over their scheduled time, they get an email from him or from another manager demanding to know why.

  • Richard

    Walmart will be facing some serious lawsuits in the near future. I hope the assholes at corporate read this. My store is in the Memphis-Jackson TN area. We have a new division manager, and a new regional manager. They are demanding that 3rd shift get everything 100% done , no excuses. They want all freight run, picks worked, overstock binned, and departments zoned. They are cutting hours and refuse to allow us to hire additional help even though the holidays are comming. This past Saturday night I walked into 8 hours of freight (frozen food dept) and also 2 hours of picks pulled by dayshift but not worked. Also the mod team had been in there to reset and pulled down the freight off several shelves, but upon completing the reset did not bother to put the items back or put any of the new items out. It was all left for me and my one helper. Two hours before the end of shift my helper was sent to another department. But I was supposed to find a way to get everything done, and if I don’t get everything done under these circumstances then I risk getting fired.
    They are now threatening coaching (leading towards termination) for having only one minute of overtime, or having only one minute over scheduled hours under 40.
    Walmart spokesperson Brooke Buchanan has been talking to the media and telling lies about our working conditions. She claims there are no staffing shortages, and she claims that the a/c units are not being turned off anywhere. So she cannot understand why customers are complaining. In my store the a/c is turned off at night, and some of the lighting is turned off. In some stores the a/c is off 24 hours a day.
    Recently I was questioned extensively about vandalsim that supposedly occured in the rear mens restroom. They are claiming that the security video shows I was the last one to enter before maintenance found it.
    I just had my 6th anniversary, so knowing Walmart’s penchant for cutting payroll they would love to get rid of me and others who have been there even longer just to get us off their payroll. Their priority is not customer service, it is not keeping the shelves stocked. It is to cut payroll and expenses at all costs,and in the process they are losing customers. Yes, I am seeking other work, BUT IF THESE WALMART ASSHOLES FIRE ME I WILL SUE THE BASTARDS. I HOPE THE IDIOTS RUNNING THIS COMPANY SEE THIS AND TAKE NOTE. I AM NOT BLUFFING!

  • This means you’ll by no means should run between shops to avoid the rain or come
    home with shopping luggage full of moist purchases.

  • walmart employee 7

    I work at Walmart and it sucks donkey balls. They turn the air off during the summer and pump in nice hot humid air so we can sweat even more. As for shortages of personnel, yeah, a ton of people are missing. We have about half the staff we used to and they want us to work harder to get freight done. I just got told that I can no longer take a 30 minute lunch but can still leave early because of baby sitting issues, which means I will be 4 hours short a measly check, it adds up and I will eventually have to move out of my house because I can’t pay all my bills. I figured out a way to screw them over on that at least so I won’t lose my hours. Our store manager recently got fired, they won’t tell us for what but some of it was cutting hours to make the store look better monetarily, they announced our myshare and it was pathetic, and lo and behold when the myshare came out it was higher than what they announced, the store manager was stealing from us! I’m sure Walmart will pay us back every dime she stole from us eventually, yeah, I’ll be dead when they admit they had a thief in the top position in the store, I hate my job and every day I am closer and closer to walking out and picketing them after they fire me. Sue them? You better get a damn good lawyer

  • Anonymous

    all this happens everywhere
    its all true

  • nathan

    Walmart only cares about making the extra dime not at all focused on the customers I’ve been working here for 10 years now and the ceo we have is just all about greed that is why only 5 check stands is only open and you can hardly find help on the Floor because they cut hours I want to personally thank home office for giving us all such shitty customer service the ceo needs to find a new job and attention home office I’ve been here for 10 years I treat my customers like they are my friends with out them we are nothing they are the boss so I have told them the truth about all this they are furious seriously we as a company turned into this ? And the reason I told my customers the truth that you guys cut hours out of corporate greed simply I do not lie to my customers they have went up to me and asked they are my boss they are very nice people but very appalled by all this I do not blame them so no offense but you guys at the home office are not intelligent at all full time 40 a week = happy customers so since you guys can’t run a business successfully I’ll help you out simply don’t cut hours find your weaknesses and fix it I have a sharp iq of 120 I could of figured that out in elementary you guys amaze me wow

  • tony genth

    Walmart- A Soulless Wasteland with no Human Values.
    Walmart is a company with a single goal and philosophy which is to buy and sell goods cheaply. Now on the surface this may not seem like a bad thing but in Walmart’s case because it is a morally bankrupt company, it becomes bad. Looking into this company’s eyes is similar to what you would see if you were able to look into the eyes of people like Hitler or Stalin, no soul just evil intent on profit for profit’s sake at the expense of everything and everyone.
    This results in the destruction and bankruptcy of small businesses across America, tactics that squeeze suppliers to prices that are barely profitable, employees who are treated marginally better than if they were in a “work concentration camp” and consumers, who to get these “low rollback prices” have to suffer abuse at the hands of those same very unhappy Walmart employees (check the internet for their comments), no customer service (actually the reverse which is customer abuse) and, arrogant inflexible and unfair policies and procedures.
    This company is the epitome of what can go wrong when capitalism is practiced without soul, humanity or, morality and all of this from just one family, the Waltons.
    All companies make mistakes and that will be true as long as they are run by us humans so the measure of a company is not whether they make mistakes but rather, what do they do when the mistake is made?
    Most companies care about their customers and therefore try to resolve their issues. In Walmart’s case they say, “That’s our policy”, or “It’s the customer’s fault” or “It’s the fault of one of our employees”.
    So we the long suffering Walmart customers have to somehow rationalize that the price we must pay for all of those wonderful low prices (which by the way in my case as recently as last week on a tuna product were 18% higher than my local Publix store) is to be abused and to suffer the bad temper of the average Walmart employee.
    And, in my view, it is steadily getting worse!
    My current issue? Yesterday I ordered a sofa from Walmart online, for $350 and paid for it with my Visa card. In the approval process I had to put my Visa secure code into the system for security purposes. I received a confirmation from Walmart and a delivery date. Several hours later I received a cancellation of the order because, “it did not pass Walmart’s security”??? I called my bank and they confirmed that there was a valid authorization on my Visa for the $350 in favor of Walmart. I called Walmart and they told me that they have their own “security system” even though the charge was approved and authorized by Visa??? I said so what about the authorization you have for $350 on my Visa? The answer, “Oh that will be released in 7 to 10 business days”??? I fought with them as it is neither reasonable nor fair that I should be out $350 for 7 to 10 business days because of their “security”, their mistake, in addition to the fact that I don’t get the product that I ordered. The answer, “that’s our policy”, “that’s our policy” over and over.
    This is not the first time that I have run up against Walmart’s cold core and judging by the thousands of online complaints, I am not alone. I for one will boycott Walmart for the rest of my life and I will do my best to influence as many people as I can on the way.
    Ok, it may cost me a bit more but I will be dealing with people who care, people who are trained and with companies who have a heart, who have scruples and who are not a Soulless Wasteland like Walmart.

  • Dave

    I recently stopped shopping at the local Walmart and switched to Woods. I pay about .25-$1.00 for the same items but it’s worth it. I can stand at the front door of Woods and see more employees working in 30 seconds than walking Walmart for an hour. The employees seem happy and ask if people need help. Walmart does NOTHING and has longer lines and forced self check-out after 9pm. The forced check-out is a deal breaker. I know how to use the self check-out but I don’t because it’s SLOW and I DON’T WORK FOR WALMART!

  • Richard

    My request to take a personal day for my birthday, as I do each year, was denied for the first time after management sat on it for over two weeks. The manager who denied it immediately went on vacation. It is so bad now in my store that in the past two months I have had help only 5 times in frozen. I am short two people as one went to dairy and one is on leave due to a family illness. Another worker who had been in dairy for years quit. They hired a girl in July supposedly for me to replace the one who went to dairy. But they sent her to dairy instead (this was before the other worker quit). I keep getting excuses why they won’t hire anyone else for me. They usually say that the girl who is on leave will be back at the end of November.
    They hired someone for dayshift, and after he completed three days of orientation, he was put on the schedule. He came in to start his shift, but they told him to go home and wait until he heard from them because they could not afford to keep him on the payroll. A girl in bakery was fired two months ago after working only one month, and management claims they cannot afford to hire a replacement. Meanwhile they have so much product comming in that there are constantly several pallets on their freight in my freezer.

  • John

    You all write like morons.

  • MJ

    I am currently working on a research paper about the company Walmart buys its seafood from. If you’re ok with supporting a company in Thailand that forces 10-15 year old children into labor bondage, making them work night shifts in dangerous, unsanitary conditions, then by all means continue to shop here. Walmart is the largest purchaser of seafood from Narong Seafood. Walmart’s claims that they do not support companies that use child labor are false. They just have enough money, thanks to all the people that shop there, to cover it up.

  • cj

    horrible place now. What happened to this company? Where is the management. Manchester CT, Super Store, yep, super crappy store. customer service….????
    oh, everyone is on break partying in the cafe/restaurant(???) at the front of the store. Except for the 70 year old that is working his butt off pushing the carts outside in the freezing cold.
    I’m just calling it like I see it….. speaking of calling it, I’ve been on the phone since 3, it’s now 4:20 with the same store to find out about a delivery. 5 calls and they haven’t been able to connect to the correct dept. It’s on hold now as they page the proper person. That was 20 minutes ago. I had hoped I didn’t have to make another trip into that horrible place.

  • Richard

    I am 61 years old, and I am tired of being talked down to by managers in their 20s and 30s. Ever since my anniversary in July, so much anger and beligerence has been directed towards me. I may have another job within a few days. If so, I will just quit Walmart. I will not give these jerks notice, they don’t deserve it. They won’t miss me despite the fact that I am one of their most productive workers, in fact, they will be glad to lose me so they will save on payroll.
    It is pathetic that those running this company consider people like me to be communists becasue we want living wages. God forbid the economy is in the dumper because I am earning too much. But these idiot store managers who are making $100,000 a year don’t have enough.
    Over a year ago I reported a door in the frozen food dept that won’t stay closed. But they never fixed it. Two months ago I reported that coolant from an overhead unit inside of the walk in freezer is leaking and then freezing. It is all over several cases of freight, and it is all over the floor and now over one inch high. But they won’t fix it. So much for demanding safety in the workplace. Walmart is being run from the store level up to corporate by crooks. Their mentality is definitely fascist. They do not put the customer first, and they do not care about the needs of the store.
    They told us this black Friday was only 3% more than last year, and last year was the worst in several years.

  • Richard

    And the libertarians who support Walmart and their illegal practices (in the name of profits, of course) can go to hell!

  • kookowalmart

    Walmart sucks, given the low quality of its products, retail display, and retail service!

  • Richard

    We have lost several employeees in the past two weeks. But this idiot co-manager, who has been working overnights, told us that no matter what, no matter how many people we lose, we will not hire until March. But they still expect everything to get done.
    The walk-in freezer for frozen has a unit leaking coolant. It is frozen over sveral cases of overstock, and there is a pile of ice on the floor 3 inches high and one foot square. This has been reported several times since October. But they won’t fix it because they don’t want to spend the money. Interesting how they keep talking about safety issues. I am reporting this to OSHA if it has still not been corrected when I return to work tonight.
    Walmart is being run by fascists who don’t care about the needs of the stores or the customers. They are grabbing all the money they can in every illegitimate way possible. They would actually make more if they would manage it correctly, but they don’t want to do that. Management is terrified that we might be earning too much. I earned this year no more than last year despite the raise in July because they cut my hours enough to compensate.

  • pat omalley

    I went 4 a to a recruiter for potential employment and she seemed to very cordial and polite etc but b4 I left she asked me why wmart opened the store in my town and I said to make money and she said no they were there to serve the community are people that badly brainwashed they believe this stuff

  • walmart employee

    I think its funny how everyone is so happy that Walmart is raising their minimal wage, but they forget to tell you how they are screwing over their present employees. We was getting yearly raises from .40 to .60. When they raised minimal wage they took our yearly raises to percentages. So now we get about .15 cents to .30 cents.They also took 50 cents an hour from the 3rd shift positions. Its funny how Walmart always figures out how to get their money back somehow. They will give money, but then take it right back.

  • russell

    i am sure my complaint is like many others but this is whay its like going to the china mart store in paola ks. i knew exactly what i wanted so i went to sporting goods to buy ammo, no one was there so i wait a few minutes, no one showed up and not a bell to ring for survice so i looked around a few moe minutes then looked in other depts for someone to call to sporting goods, looked in paint dept., toys, camping aisle, gave up , went to the grocery dept to buy saled makings , then back to sports, no one , searched again, finally found a women in fabrics and had her call. finally got what i needed but now i cant pay for them there because the man didnt have keys to open the regester or something so i ask if i could pay for them up front, no, he had to carry them and we went to electronics to pay. more than 45 minutes to make one purchas. yeah i d say walmart sucks bigtime, i really have a hatred for this store.

  • Richard

    Walmart can go to hell. I just tried to get an oil change there. They refused the work because a piece of plastic had broken off the hood release lever. They said this is a new policy as they now consider that to be a liability issue. They would not allow me to sign the disclaimer on the work order stating that I would not hold them responsible for any damages. According to them, once the hood is closed they may not be able to open it again, despite telling them I have no trouble opening it. I will no longer buy anything at Walmart. I will pay more elsewhere even though I have a Walmart discount card.
    An issue concerning my shift: recently one night an employee was scheduled work, and since he was on the shift manager’s report, he was assigned to help me. He didn’t show, and after some research the manager discovered the other shift manager had take the guy off the schedule after the schedule had been finalized and didn’t bother to tell anyone.

  • Richard

    This year we have lost 50 workers. They have hired a few for 3rd shift, none of them are worth a damn. They seem to make a point of hiring the worst people they can find.
    Then they cut our hours. But they brag about how they are doing their part for the economy by hiring a few people. Meanwhile, prices are increasing while the sizes are decreasing. I have an item that has decreased by .8 ounces, but on the package it says 30% more.
    We lost the two cake decorators. One quit in February, the other quit recently as she was taken off the schedule for most of May and all of June. The department manager is supposed to decorate the cakes, but her hours have been cut and some of the cakes take as long as 4 hours to decorate. They have large photos of cakes with different designs hanging above the counter. But corporate won’t allow them to make those, they won’t allow them to order the supplies needed for those cakes. But they are still required to display the photos of them. Customers are mad as hell as they expect to be able to order such a cake when there are these photos indicating that such cakes are available.

  • Bobby

    I don’t like Walmart and go to Target whenever I can.

    I had to take my mother to Walmart the other day, because that’s where she wanted to go. I suffered. I usually hate the large crowds, but that day the management must have changed because Walmart employees were walking all up and down the aisles militantly looking for potentional shoplifters. Even the stuff they were selling outside in front of the building, all the plants and outdoor things, were being watched by a Walmart employee, who was also eyeing cars driving in and out of the parking lot. I’ve never had this happen to me. It was an unpleasant and disrespectful shopping experience. I haven’t shopped in Walmart in months and will never return.

  • ShadowsGathered

    I have absolutely come to hate Walmart. I went there today to get some film developed & found out they’ve stopped developing film! WTH? I also wanted to pick up some frozen glazed carrots, but there was not one package of them in the entire frozen vegetables section. What good is Walmart anymore? I mean seriously, WHAT GOOD IS WALMART ANYMORE? They don’t have layaway anymore, they don’t develop film anymore, they obviously don’t train their employees on how to treat customers, and their prices aren’t that much better than a grocery store’s. I think I’m done with them. I’d rather pay a little more for my groceries than continue to support such a suck ass company.

  • Anonymous


  • Do Not Buy Gift Cards on line at WALMART. Purchased one for child in family. It has been 13 days and no gift card has arrived. Their customer service would not help me. I will NEVER shop at WalMart in store or online again. They offer NO customer service and no respect for customers. If enough people stop going there, maybe we can get them closed down. Wouldn’t that be great?

  • Gert

    Walmart sucks! I selected to purchase the warranty along with the product and the system removed it as the order progressed, I didn’t catch it until the order was complete. I requested the order be cancelled (one minute after placing it) and reordered to include the warranty. I received an email 24 hours later saying that they have shipped the original cancelled order. I sat on the phone for 20 minutes to stop the second order which doesn’t show it has shipped. And of course, the only thing I can do is stand in line at their poorly manned return counter because even though it doesn’t show it has shipped “it’s too late”. What a joke! WALMART SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L

    79 degrees outside 80 degrees in store and it’s only March.. Want to sweat when I work out not when I shop. Bye bye Walmart HELLO AMAZON

  • Sandra

    Walmat sucks. I have a daughter in law that found out that she has Ms. I stead of trying to work with her they have cut her hours and gave her all the SHIT jobs. Not so American

  • Jeff

    Wal-Mart Lake Wyle, SC fired my son after working two days. It was his VERY FIRST job and he had not put his SS number correctly on paperwork. They accused him of falsifying documents. Granted, he was careless and a beginners mistake. He had taken a copy of the SS card to store and not the original. He was so pumped and excited but the more I read about Wal-Mart and the way they treat employees sounds like a blessing in disguise. I used to complain about all the money I spent at Wal-Mart but now I can happily say I will NEVER spend another dime in a Wal-Mart store. It just goes to show you what can happen when a company gets so BIG and indifferent to the lives of the people they serve, employee, and future employees.

  • Jared

    Working at Walmart sucks. The managers are abusive and will write you up for any little thing they can find – and never praise your hard work. Since the latest raises came along, management is constantly looking to pile more and more work on a person including 3rd shift freight for 1st and 2nd shift people to do. I work in at least 4 departments – but often 8 or more – on a daily basis. Management gets pissy now when we people on the floor cover each other’s breaks.

    I forgot to add that in recent weeks Walmart managers don’t schedule enough cashiers so floor associates are constantly being called to run front registers and do cart roundups.

    Turnover? I think it’s higher now than ever.

    As others have stated, the climate control sucks. On April 1, the heat was turned off. We had a cold snap and customers were complaining how frigid it was in the building. Once the spring weather arrived, the cheap S.O.B.s have been running the fans with no air conditioning and it’s hotter than the devil’s dining room. When customers complain, I often tell them how shitty it is working here and the way to get things fixed is to give a negative survey score.

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