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Seven Reasons Wal-Mart Sucks

1)  Wal-Mart has run thousands of small-businesses OUT of business.  The process is frighteningly effective.  Wal-Mart seeks out medium sized towns and builds a store.  They’re able to charge lower prices than the family run shops in the area, who inevitably close up their business.  Often they end up working at Wal-Mart, which leads us to point number two:

2)  Wal-Mart treats employees notoriously badly.  They normally start out paying minimum wage and keep employees there for as long as possible.  Generally people don’t work at Wal-Mart if they have other options, and Wal-Mart knows this.  They can pay next to nothing and still keep their employees.

3) Their products are generally cheap and are always devoid of any sacramental value.  Yes, they sell inexpensive hardware.  But that hardware was produced in China by virtual slave-laborers.  Wal-Mart products enrich nobody but Wal-Mart, as opposed to somewhat pricier products made in the USA or other countries with reasonably compensated laborers.  Shopping elsewhere may cost you more.  But wherever you shop, you’re supporting the system that brought the goods to the store.  Do you want to support Wal-Mart’s system of exploitation?  More on that next.

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4) Wal-Mart exploits cheap international labor. According to this, workers in Bangladesh make as little as nine cents an hour producing goods for Wal-Mart. Why would they pay more? Than they’d have to charge more, which would mean they couldn’t undercut local businesses anymore!

5) Their customer service is a nightmare. God help you if you ever have to return something (which is likely)! You’ll wait hours because they generally have ONE working customer service agent despite having 15-20 cashiers checking people out. And don’t bother trying to find help over the internet or by phone! I once received a $50 Visa gift card purchased through Wal-Mart. For some reason it didn’t work– and it took literally three months of constant complaining and following up before it was replaced.

6) They have no regard for the environment, despite their ad campaign to the contrary. This article details some of their common abuses, including their pollution of local water supplies. Most of the crap they sell ends up in a landfill sooner or later, where it takes up space forever because Wal-Mart does not believe in biodegradable products!

7) The stores are ugly. The employees have bad attitudes– but who can blame them? There is nothing pleasurable about the shopping experience, other than the price. But remember what those cheap products represent. You pay that great price because Wal-Mart pays its employees as little as it possibly can. That great price is made possible by sweatshop labor overseas. That price is made possible because they don’t concern themselves with environmentally safe materials.

When you shop at Wal-Mart, you save money and you may save time– but you’re giving up your soul in exchange. Fuck Wal-Mart. Buy local.

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  • Richard

    So Walmart complains how sales are down. What the hell do they expect when they try to sell air conditoners in the middle of winter?!
    They are so obssessed with cutting payroll that they are pulling people off the schedule for as many as four days after they were initially put on the schedule. Employees did not find out untill they arrived as scheduled, tried to clock in and were notified by the clock that they were not scheduled to work. So apparently we have to check the schedule every day now, that is for the ones who have the internet. Some do not have internet service, so they can’t check their schedules from home. Some live 45 minutes to one hour away, so it is rather inconvenient to go that far just to check it. Walmart just says go get the internet, but they can’t afford it when they are losing so much time.

  • Karen

    I hate Walmart!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    The best defense against Walmart’s offensive existance – IS AMAZON.

  • dale

    I’ve been shopping at Wal-Mart for the last 25 years or so. Tried to return some items at 3 different Wal-Mart stores in last 2 days in Cary, NC area. One customer service associate at each store, at least 8 people in the return line at each store. Gave up, not going back to Wal-Mart (ever!), will go to Target and pay more but will get more back in long run! Sad part is that Wal-Mart as a company could “CARE LESS” about unhappy customers and their ability to provide a minimal level of customer service. PS: SAM’s Club is no different!

  • walmart employee

    Walmart hires no help no wonder they are so out of stock and the shelves look like shit because there is no one to stock them. Believe me they treat employees like crap

  • Richard

    Walmart has claimed one of the men’s restrooms has been vandalized, and they suspect me of doing it. They claim I was the only one to go in there around the time the vandalism supposedly occured. Since then they have cut me to 24 hours a week. If I get fired I will file a lawsuit against Walmart. The shift manager is a 30 year old punk who only wants to cut payroll. In fact, that is what Walmart is all about now. They do not care about customer service or putting the needs of the store first. They tolerate worthless employees who have a bad attitude, but go after the ones who have been there for years and who have always been productive. I have been there for 6 years (only because no other work is available). They don’t like that I get raises every year. My raise was in July, then I got a coaching in August for doing what they told me to do to ready my department for inventory, then they denied they told me to do it. Now this with the vandalism claim. It is obvious they are setting me up. After being fired an employee can be rehired after two months, but they start over at minimum wage part time. But Walmart claims they are doing what they can to help the economy. They keep telling us there is a company wide hiring freeze on, but I just found out that another Walmart is hiring. The store manager is a liar and a crook. He goes on vacation every month, and has always ignored legitimate concerns. But if anyone goes just one minute over their scheduled time, they get an email from him or from another manager demanding to know why.

  • Richard

    Walmart will be facing some serious lawsuits in the near future. I hope the assholes at corporate read this. My store is in the Memphis-Jackson TN area. We have a new division manager, and a new regional manager. They are demanding that 3rd shift get everything 100% done , no excuses. They want all freight run, picks worked, overstock binned, and departments zoned. They are cutting hours and refuse to allow us to hire additional help even though the holidays are comming. This past Saturday night I walked into 8 hours of freight (frozen food dept) and also 2 hours of picks pulled by dayshift but not worked. Also the mod team had been in there to reset and pulled down the freight off several shelves, but upon completing the reset did not bother to put the items back or put any of the new items out. It was all left for me and my one helper. Two hours before the end of shift my helper was sent to another department. But I was supposed to find a way to get everything done, and if I don’t get everything done under these circumstances then I risk getting fired.
    They are now threatening coaching (leading towards termination) for having only one minute of overtime, or having only one minute over scheduled hours under 40.
    Walmart spokesperson Brooke Buchanan has been talking to the media and telling lies about our working conditions. She claims there are no staffing shortages, and she claims that the a/c units are not being turned off anywhere. So she cannot understand why customers are complaining. In my store the a/c is turned off at night, and some of the lighting is turned off. In some stores the a/c is off 24 hours a day.
    Recently I was questioned extensively about vandalsim that supposedly occured in the rear mens restroom. They are claiming that the security video shows I was the last one to enter before maintenance found it.
    I just had my 6th anniversary, so knowing Walmart’s penchant for cutting payroll they would love to get rid of me and others who have been there even longer just to get us off their payroll. Their priority is not customer service, it is not keeping the shelves stocked. It is to cut payroll and expenses at all costs,and in the process they are losing customers. Yes, I am seeking other work, BUT IF THESE WALMART ASSHOLES FIRE ME I WILL SUE THE BASTARDS. I HOPE THE IDIOTS RUNNING THIS COMPANY SEE THIS AND TAKE NOTE. I AM NOT BLUFFING!

  • This means you’ll by no means should run between shops to avoid the rain or come
    home with shopping luggage full of moist purchases.

  • walmart employee 7

    I work at Walmart and it sucks donkey balls. They turn the air off during the summer and pump in nice hot humid air so we can sweat even more. As for shortages of personnel, yeah, a ton of people are missing. We have about half the staff we used to and they want us to work harder to get freight done. I just got told that I can no longer take a 30 minute lunch but can still leave early because of baby sitting issues, which means I will be 4 hours short a measly check, it adds up and I will eventually have to move out of my house because I can’t pay all my bills. I figured out a way to screw them over on that at least so I won’t lose my hours. Our store manager recently got fired, they won’t tell us for what but some of it was cutting hours to make the store look better monetarily, they announced our myshare and it was pathetic, and lo and behold when the myshare came out it was higher than what they announced, the store manager was stealing from us! I’m sure Walmart will pay us back every dime she stole from us eventually, yeah, I’ll be dead when they admit they had a thief in the top position in the store, I hate my job and every day I am closer and closer to walking out and picketing them after they fire me. Sue them? You better get a damn good lawyer

  • Anonymous

    all this happens everywhere
    its all true

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