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Seven Reasons Wal-Mart Sucks

1)  Wal-Mart has run thousands of small-businesses OUT of business.  The process is frighteningly effective.  Wal-Mart seeks out medium sized towns and builds a store.  They’re able to charge lower prices than the family run shops in the area, who inevitably close up their business.  Often they end up working at Wal-Mart, which leads us to point number two:

2)  Wal-Mart treats employees notoriously badly.  They normally start out paying minimum wage and keep employees there for as long as possible.  Generally people don’t work at Wal-Mart if they have other options, and Wal-Mart knows this.  They can pay next to nothing and still keep their employees.

3) Their products are generally cheap and are always devoid of any sacramental value.  Yes, they sell inexpensive hardware.  But that hardware was produced in China by virtual slave-laborers.  Wal-Mart products enrich nobody but Wal-Mart, as opposed to somewhat pricier products made in the USA or other countries with reasonably compensated laborers.  Shopping elsewhere may cost you more.  But wherever you shop, you’re supporting the system that brought the goods to the store.  Do you want to support Wal-Mart’s system of exploitation?  More on that next.

wal mart image Seven Reasons Wal Mart Sucks


4) Wal-Mart exploits cheap international labor. According to this, workers in Bangladesh make as little as nine cents an hour producing goods for Wal-Mart. Why would they pay more? Than they’d have to charge more, which would mean they couldn’t undercut local businesses anymore!

5) Their customer service is a nightmare. God help you if you ever have to return something (which is likely)! You’ll wait hours because they generally have ONE working customer service agent despite having 15-20 cashiers checking people out. And don’t bother trying to find help over the internet or by phone! I once received a $50 Visa gift card purchased through Wal-Mart. For some reason it didn’t work– and it took literally three months of constant complaining and following up before it was replaced.

6) They have no regard for the environment, despite their ad campaign to the contrary. This article details some of their common abuses, including their pollution of local water supplies. Most of the crap they sell ends up in a landfill sooner or later, where it takes up space forever because Wal-Mart does not believe in biodegradable products!

7) The stores are ugly. The employees have bad attitudes– but who can blame them? There is nothing pleasurable about the shopping experience, other than the price. But remember what those cheap products represent. You pay that great price because Wal-Mart pays its employees as little as it possibly can. That great price is made possible by sweatshop labor overseas. That price is made possible because they don’t concern themselves with environmentally safe materials.

When you shop at Wal-Mart, you save money and you may save time– but you’re giving up your soul in exchange. Fuck Wal-Mart. Buy local.

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  • Meshe

    Well, I can’t argue with most of those points. The ‘products made in China’ problem is almost universal, however. Almost everything electronic appears to be made over there now. It’s very hard to go into other stores and find anything that’s not made there.

    I can give you this, however.

    One person once told me how WalMart does business with some of their suppliers.

    They approach a smaller manufacturing company and, of course, they are quite happy to do business with them. Large well known company buying their products…has to be good, right? WalMart usually starts with smaller orders, well within what they can make, then slowly up the orders til the company is at max production, sometimes even to the point that the manufacturer is actually turning away other customers in favor of WalMart. Then, after a time, WalMart comes up to them and says ‘we need x amount’ an amount that the supplier just can’t produce with their current equipment. The supplier then, usually, goes and invests in a lot of new equipment to handle this new demand. The next step is where it goes evil. WalMart approaches them after they’ve invested in all of this machinery and such and says ‘we want to pay x for this or we leave’.

    The supplier is now faced with either selling to them at the price they’re demanding, or having them walk and ending up eating the cost of all the upgrades they just purchased for a demand that is no longer there. In most cases, this would mean the suppliers would look at either barely breaking even or going out of business.\

    Welcome to Wally World.

  • Lord Tantrum

    Thanks for the informative comment, Meshe. I hadn’t heard that before, though it’s completely within character! I had heard that they are completely inflexible and penalize suppliers with massive fines if they run even one minute late.

  • Libertarian

    1: sorry you werent able to compete or offer different fare from wal-mart, you tried to beat the best at thier game and lost, boo-hoo, not thier fault for being successful

    2:low paying dead end retail jobs are low paying, thank you captain obvious, at least they have a job, benefits, and are given a lot of autonomy and great discounts sure there are better places to work, by all means, get off your ass and get a better job, nobodys stopping you wal-mart is the second largest employer in the United States

    3: Sacramental? walmart doesn’t sell holy items?? wal-mart sells low quality cheap hammers, home depot sells better ones, and theyre still in business, see item #1 – differentiate your product from wal mart, sell premium goods

    4: Everything you buy is at least in part made overseas, people dont care where things are made, only if they do what they want

    5: What were you expecting – bloody nordstrom – walmart has the same cruddy return counter as every other retail setup in the country, sometimes theres lines, you cant expect to get shit for as cheap as they sell it and expect 5 star service on top of that

    6: did you even read that article – some shoddy construction and improperly stored fertilizer does not a giant environmental meltdown make, and last time i went to wal mart they had all those hippie recycleable bags and organic garbage that you want, they only fill landfills more than anyone else because they sell more than anyone else and end consumers who dont give a crap about the environment toss thier stuff

    7: the newly re-designed wal-marts they are slowly rolling out across the country look great, just as good as your average target again, see item #5, i really dont care if i buy my hot pockets from a store with marble floors versus concrete, product is the same

    so to the author: shaddap you stupid hippie, people will buy what suits them, you cant shove fiscal or environmental responsibility down anyones throat, if you try to they will just move along to the next store that sells it to them $1 cheaper

  • Lord Tantrum

    You’re right, I can’t shove responsibility down anyone’s throat. But there is more to life than cheap groceries. Did you ever stop to think about the true price of your hot pockets? You probably don’t give a fuck, but if your family store was put out of business by Wal-Mart you’d WISH other people gave a fuck.

    And FYI, this isn’t a “hippy” thing. Check this out: http://www.nationalreview.com/flashback/dreher200505011459.asp

  • iamthepush

    i have to agree with Libertarian.

  • willdacanucker

    Well, as much as I agree with everything you have said, I am sorry but a dollar is a dollar. Right now my wife is finishing her degree, I am a SAHD to two young kids and money is BEYOND tight. Back not to long ago, I used to make between $75,000.00-$100,000.00 dollars a year. It was just my wife and myself and we had the cash to support local mom and pop places and we did it religiously. I despised Wal-Mart then and even now. However a dollar is a dollar. Now we do not have that kid of cash flow and we still need to provide for our family, so we have to do what we have to do. Back then a couple extra bucks was not even a thought, now though, well you get the point.

  • Lord Tantrum

    wildacanucker, that seems to be the prevailing opinion.

    We definitely understand budget constraints, especially in this economy. We’re not trying to criticize people who shop at wal-mart, especially out of necessity. But we want people to be aware of the true cost of supporting wal-mart– and hopefully, people who have a choice won’t.

  • nick

    I disagree with pretty much your entire article. I own a small ‘mom and pop’ type shop that sells many of the same products that Walmart sells less than 1 mile down the road.

    1.) They haven’t run me out of business, nor can I suggest that any other small business near me has been run out of business. The walmart near us is fairly new ( within 5 years ) and I’ve seen an increase in my business since they moved nearby. They bring so much extra traffic near my store that the added traffic means more people see and stop at my store. Have you never noticed that as soon as Walmart opens up, there are other outlaying shopping options that open up in their little strip-mall type things? It’s because that’s where the people are.

    2.) That’s what business is. I pay my people as little as I can get away with, because that’s called business. It’s not that I don’t want to be able to pay my employees more, but many of them are in high school.. they don’t have work experience beyond my door or previous fast-food experience, and they aren’t highly educated. That’s what you get when you don’t have ‘skills’ – low paying jobs.

    3.) Walmart is the largest ‘private’ employer in my state. Probably at least in the top 10 in most states. They employ probably thousands of drivers to get their stuff from their huge warehouses to their stores. They employ hundreds of people at their warehouses. They employ hundreds more people who have to deal with the logistics of moving their stuff from factories (overseas or not) to their warehouses. Brand representatives have jobs because they go in and merchandise their goods (kraft, nabisco, pepsi, coke, bread guys, etc..) You make it sound as if the only people being employed and ‘benefiting’ at all from Walmart are corporate executives. Not true.

    4.) Let the countries overseas make their own laws regarding what they have for minimum wages, work laws, etc.. Sorry, but if there is a country that allows me to pay someone little for their work, then I’m going to continue to do it until that country raises their wages and I have to pay them more. Besides, most of the products Walmart sells are from other companies.

    5.) Customer service is a nightmare everywhere. It’s not uniquely a Walmart problem. Service is one place that I can beat any other competitor of mine (including Walmart) when it comes to my business. It’s why I’m as successful as I am. The value to my customers isn’t my price or their fancy shopping experience in my store, it’s the service I can offer them.

    6.) I don’t pay attention to if any of my products are bio-degradable or not – I don’t really care. I can go recycle what I want recycled, etc.. Personal Responsibility my friend.

    7.) This pretty much goes back to wages, but there’s no reason to pay an un-skilled laborer more than minimum wage. There’s no need to make the store all fancy and stuff, as it’s just a place to go and buy things. It’s not the Ritz Carlton hotel and resort. I charge more for the same products that Walmart ‘sells for less’, and I don’t feel bad about exploiting the Indonesian people who had to make it.

    Say what you will about Walmart, but they pay more taxes to my local government than the rest of the ‘small business base’ around here, whereas, if they hadn’t built here, my taxes would be much higher.

    I am a small business owner who has benefited from Walmart. If you are a retailer, and you are a mom/pop type store, you need to continue to change how you do things.. That’s why most mom/pop shops are closed. They stayed the same for 40+ years. You have to constantly change the way you operate your store, and merchandise, etc.. Service should stay the same always, excellent service keeps customers coming back.. but you need to have something for your customers to buy or at least to pique their interest if you expect to be able to give them your excellent service.

  • Lord Tantrum

    I’m glad your business hasn’t been hurt, nick. But you’re an exception. I’m not making this up. Check this site out: http://www.aflcio.org/corporatewatch/walmart/walmart_4.cfm

  • nick

    It’s because those retailers don’t change. You’ve got to react to changes in the marketplace and react accordingly. Service is always one area where any half-witted retailer can beat Walmart. It’s just like running a website.. If your host is always down and giving you problems, and they are un-responsive to your concerns, you’ll switch up to some other host. Not necessarily the cheapest host, but the one that has good service and has good up-time, etc..

  • The Snob

    First, let me say that I do not shop at Wal-Mart; not out of any sense of self-righteousness. Just the opposite, I am a snob. That said, Wal-Mart does not run any small business out of business. The people who choose to spend their money at Wal-Mart, and not at a local business, are to blame. To my knowledge, Wal-Mart has never forced a single person to spend money in one of its stores.

    As others have said, every business pays its employees as little as possible. Just as every business pays as little as possible for its supplies or goods to sell. That is a fact of business.

    Case study after case study show the disruptive affects when a company attempts to pay more than prevailing wages in country or region. In one case, an American company was paying significantly more than prevailing wages and doctors were leaving hospitals to work in the factory. Could American companies do better? Of course, but they must tread carefully and stay aware of the effects on the local economy.
    “Wal-Mart enriches nobody but Wal-Mart” Wal-Mart is not an entity or person. It is a corporation with stockholders and employees. Wal-Mart enriches the stockholders and senior executives. Then, so does IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Intuit, etc. That is why every corporation is in business.

    Small businesses enrich nobody but the owners. The majority of small businesses do not provide health benefits, retirements, etc. I have worked for small business that did not offer paid vacations or sick days. Small business are good for the owners but not for the employees.

    Wal-Mart is what people want. Right or wrong, people vote with their dollars and so far, Wal-Mart is successful because of it.

  • Lord Tantrum

    Nick, I’m guessing your company doesn’t directly compete with wal-mart. The fact is, they put people out of business. It’s simple economies of scale. Wal-mart is huge and can afford to provide products much more cheaply than your average mom and pop shop. No matter how good your customer service is, you’re not going to be successful if wal-mart can provide the same products for a significantly better price.

    And “snob”, there is a difference between paying the lowest possible prices to suppliers and using your powerful position to force them into compliance. Here’s a classic example: Wal-Mart Pickle Fiasco.

    Look, we’re not suggesting that you’ll go to hell if you shop at wal-mart. We do think people should support well-run small businesses when given a chance. And we think people should be aware of the hidden costs of shopping at wal-mart.

  • nick

    Walmart carries about 75% of the products I do. As does the Walgreens 3 blocks away from my store.

    I sell for about 10% more than Walmart does, and I’m pretty much in line with what Walgreens charges.

    I am successful, employ 15 people besides myself, and provide the products at a more expensive price.

    That said, I know which one of us is better for our local economy… without question, it’s Walmart. Why? Because if I go out of business tomorrow, People can still buy their stuff elsewhere. Whereas, with Walmart, people will have to drive 30 miles to the nearest large city in order to buy those goods at other retail stores.

    The fact is, people who fail to change the way they do business fail. Look at stores like K-mart. They stayed with the 70’s and 80’s concepts well into the nineties and failed. And they aren’t a mom/pop operation.

    If the mom/pop shop across town wanted more customers, they need to either market better to draw more people their direction, or move to where the people are currently shopping. Not Walmart’s fault.

  • luke

    If you want to blame manufactoring of goods going overseas-blame unions. When some jagoff won’t get off the couch for less than 17 bucks an hour, damned right they are going to go somewhere else. And Wal-Mart doesn’t MAKE THE GOODS. The supplies do. So it’s probably Mattel, Sony, Black and Decker, etc. that eat cock. I have worked there for 7 years, and I make just about a dollar less per hour on average (I’m salaried now) than my father who has worked at the same manufactoring company for more than 40 years. Simple fact is, just like every other job in the world…if you work hard you’ll get rewarded…if you aren’t worth a fuck you aren’t going to get rewarded. I’m sick of these whining malcontent’s bitching about low wages when they spend half their time with their cell phones out texting and talking to their friends. Not just something I’m making up…I’ve fired people for it. Wal-Mart pays more taxes, contributes more in donations, employs more people than any business in your community…bet on it. And I’m all for freedom of choice…if you want to pay 11.00 for your chips and soda at a grocery store…go for it, I’m going to Wal-Mart and pay 8.00. Not because I don’t like small business, but because I like money. If you don’t like Wal-Mart, don’t shop there…but stop the hate. Everybody guns for #1 and until the next guy comes along with a better way to get shitty to mediocre goods on store shelves for low price while making a profit…people will hate them. I do have to comment on the supplier thing….Wal-Mart doesn’t charge huge fines for anyone being late with anything but even small business have a right to get their shit in a timely manner. Doesn’t matter if your store does 40,000 a year or 400,000,000,000. Suppliers are in business to supply. They should shut up and do their goddamn job. Save Money, Live Better. Giggitty.

  • Fyre

    Lord Tantrum, I think it’s kinda funny how you cited a union article bashing Walmart. I’d really have to question Union motives. I mean, really, if Walmart is so bad, why do they want IN, instead of shutting Walmart down? Oh, right, then millions of people would be without jobs, which the Union could never hope to provide. I mean, I don’t see them investing money into starting a company where things could be “better”, at least to their definition of things. They could take the millions upon millions that they use campaigning against Walmart to do that, if their interest were providing a better place for people to work. No, I’m pretty sure their motivation is the (gasp!) same as any business: MONEY. Let’s see, if the UFCW (the union that so badly wants Walmart) actually “got” Walmart, they’d have what, 1.7, 1.8 million more people paying dues? Let’s see… Years ago when I *did* work at a grocery store that had the UFCW, entry into the Union was $50. Let’s just say that it still is, and you’re looking at over $75 million, right off the bat. And let’s say that dues are $5 a month. How much is that? A month? I very much doubt that ANY rational person can look at that and tell me that their primary motivation isn’t making money. Unless, of course, they were to offer to do it for free. Funny, how they aren’t doing that, isn’t it?

  • ash

    Wal-Mart sucks and there is no defense of this company. You can try, but it means you are just brain washed like the rest of their shoppers. Would just as soon do with out than set my foor in a Wally World!

  • Another libertarian

    I cannot say anything that has already been said more eloquently by previous posters and small business owners.

    Tantrum, I really think you need to rethink your position. And this comes from a guy who does NOT shop Walmart unless he absolutely has to. Penn and Teller’s Bullshit has a great show on W-Mart.

    I think the walmart bashing has much more to do with a general dislike of corperations/free market economics/ or maybe a lack of understanding of the law of supply and demand…than a hatred of Walmart specifically. I think walmart is a symbol of a system they disagree with more than anything.

    Tantrum at least made an attempt at an intellectually cogent argument, I disagree, but appreciate it none the less…

    Ash, you are a fool. Either offer something of substance, or GTFO. Clearly, you have a weak grasp of the issues in play. Only an ass would state that either one agrees with you, or they are ‘brain washed.’

    You are outta your element Donny (Ash.)

  • Lord Tantrum

    Wow, I’m hopelessly outnumbered here.

    Nick, you’re obviously a talented manager/owner. Maybe if everyone was as talented, wal-mart wouldn’t be as successful they’ve been.

    I think that libertarianism is theoretically superior to most other political ideals. In the 18th and 19th century, it was perfect. But the founding fathers did not have to deal with the type of technology that corporations have at their disposal today. The government could stay out of the way because it was impossible for any individual/corporation to become big enough to become oppressive.

    Say you want to buy kitchen equipment. The year is 1780. You’re a farmer. You grow your own food and sell it at the local market. You make a decent living. Anyway, you go to the blacksmith for your pans. The blacksmith owns his own house and business, does most of his own work, and makes a decent living.

    In 2009, you go to Wal-Mart. The kitchen equipment is made by virtual slave labor in china, supplied by an intermediary barely squeaking out a profit, and sold by an “associate” making minimum wage. Where does the excess profit go? Straight to the ownership. In the meantime, small-time farmers have been driven bankrupt by big agri-business. Economies of scale and advances in technology make it next to impossible for small farms to compete.

    Transactions that once provided a decent living for everyone involved have been hijacked by ruthless, technologically superior corporations. No one is more successful than Wal-Mart.

    So I understand your arguments. I don’t think that Wal-Mart has done anything wrong. They’ve played the game better than anyone else. My problem isn’t fundamentally with Wal-Mart, it’s with the system that allows them to squeeze the profits out of “little people’s” transactions and into their massive corporate pockets.

    As Rod Dreher put it in his “Crunchy Con Manifesto”, “Big business deserves as much skepticism as big government.”

  • Fyre

    “Nick, you’re obviously a talented manager/owner. Maybe if everyone was as talented, wal-mart wouldn’t be as successful they’ve been.”

    Or maybe Walmart had/has many talented managers like Nick, which is what made them so successful?

    I’d like to debate more, but I don’t quite have the time at the moment. I’d like to start off with a couple of statements though.

    1) Monopolies aren’t exactly bad things like the government has lead people to believe.
    2) Capitalism is what got us where we are.

  • Lord Tantrum

    Fyre, we’re not going anywhere and we’ve never met a debate that we didn’t like. So stop by whenever you’ve got the time. As to your statements:

    1) The GOVERNMENT hasn’t led people to believe monopolies are bad. Economists, primarily free market economists, generally believe that (unregulated) monopolies are bad for the consumer. It seems like a slam-dunk case, honestly. If all of Wal-Mart’s (or just about any other businesses) competition went out of business, what would they do? Raise prices, cut back on things like customer service, and pass none of that extra profit to employees. Consumers benefit from competition. What am I missing here?

    2) Agreed. Capitalism is far and away the most efficient way to structure an economy. But does that mean it’s perfect? I say no. It has some major shortcomings. The human ambition that capitalism thrives on can easily morph into downright greed, as we saw leading up to this financial crisis.

  • Fyre

    Groovy. 😀

    1) Free market economists that believe unregulated monopolies are bad aren’t really free market economists. Regulation automatically negates a free economy. In the highly unlikely event that all retailers except Walmart went out of business, raising prices, cutbacks, and did all the other “bad” things, would be a bad idea if they wanted to remain in business. Someone, like Nick, would come along and find a way to do things better. If a monopoly did all the bad things people think they *might* do (incidentally, that’s equating a potential with an actual. Not a good idea), they would piss a lot of people off. Nick comes along, with a new retail store, with better prices and customer service, and people would flock to his store, resulting in him making more money, expanding, and become a major contender for Walmart. If one thinks that wouldn’t happen, with the exception of a monopoly, that’s basically what Walmart did in the first place. They rose to the top by doing things better than everyone else.

    2) Capitalism has nothing to do with this financial crisis. “Government” may say that Capitalism has failed, we need more controls, but this country hasn’t seen true Capitalism in a very long time. No one alive can remember when the government wasn’t controlling the economy. Take a look at American history. Look at how fast this country grew, and technology rocketed when men were free. And dragged the rest of the world along with it, into a new age. Then look what happened when the government started interfering. Great Depression. Kind of like now. The government (well, really, the Federal Reserve) has set interest rates for the longest time. Financial institutions were required to lower their lending standards so that more people could own a house. Those standards were in place for a reason. Now, the people that shouldn’t have been given loans are now defaulting, and everything is going down the crapper. You know, the thing that amazes me the most is that government officials are actually surprised by this, lol. So, really, it’s not greed that got us here, but forcing banks to be nice so that more people can own their own home. Sounds like a good idea on paper, but we can all see where it gets us.

  • Fyre

    Oh, you might want to watch this lecture… but only if you have an hour and a half to kill…

  • When the elderly Greeter says “welcome to WalMart” what they are really saying is stab me with something sharp from the tool isle. I freaking hate WalMart and Sam Walton AKA the Devil..
    I too have an anti WalMart/ corporate monopoly blog at:

  • Frostbite

    Fuck Wal-Mart. I use nearly exclusively online retailers like Amazon and Newegg for most of my electronic needs, and Krogers for my food. Soon as they opened their shithole of a store in my town, several businesses left within the year. It all boiled down to “Hey, let’s go to Wal-Mart and see if they have X item.” because there was really nothing left. All of you supporting it are nearsighted dumbshits. They’re already a monopoly. But hey, welcome to America! We’re concerned more about saving 50 damned cents right now than anything that could come of it in the future.

    Thanks for the article.

  • Fyre

    Yes, Krogers is such a great company. They would never, say, close around 50 stores in Saint Louis back in the mid 80s… the night before Thanksgiving… tell hundreds of people they were out of a job, all over some union dispute. Oh, and I do love the delicious irony of you calling… well, anyone really… a nearsighted dumbshit. What a wonderful vocabulary you have, and quite creative in the insult department. Obviously you have some problems with Capitalism and America. You are quite free to leave the country and experience Capitalism’s opposite, socialism, in Soviet Russia. Let me know how that works out for you. 🙂

  • sprink11

    The truth about Walmart is they are following the “rules”. They have the right to manufacture their goods in China using slave labor and no environmental protections. They also have the right to exploit their employees and spend millions in campaigns and high priced attorneys keeping their employees in line and busting any hint of better wages and conditions. THIS IS WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!!! The Reality is that our nation’s economy needs good paying jobs in this country, and bloodsucking exploiting leeches like Walmart must be stopped by new trade policies that would make this behavior unprofitable. The manufacturers that make goods for walmart had profitable operations in America staffed by workers making living wages, working in plants that were safe. The manufacturers were forced by companies like walmart to move overseas in order to save a few bucks, a move that would be unthinkable a few decades ago, because corporations felt some obligation and pride to be american, and to treat humans in their employ with some respect. Wake up America! You are not saving that much money at chinamart to throw away the future american economy. Make them treat people with respect, make them follow evironmental regs like other good american companies. Who is going to clean up the toxic aftermath in China? Everything has a price, nothing is free.

  • phuckwalmart

    phuck walmart.

  • Shannon

    I’m honestly not trying to be snippy with you, I’m not, but-

    You have all these reasons why WalMart sucks. And a lot of them are good reasons with logic and evidence to back them up. But until you’ve actually worked for them, I think it’s unfair to include how employees are treated and their attitudes. I’ve been with WM for awhile, and yes, I think they have a million problems that they need to work on, but sometimes people go a little far with their complaints.

    For one, it’s not WM’s fault how their employees act. I know exactly what you’re talking about with bad attitudes, but that’s not the employers fault – that’s the individuals. Really, the people at our store with terrible attitudes aren’t unhappy because of WM, they’re just unhappy.

    They treat their employees terribly? Do you actually know this? Have you ever worked for a WM? Their are things that are unfair and that I complain about everyday, sure, that’s how a job goes. But WM does a lot of good, believe it or not.

    A few months back, one of our cashier’s husbands died, and she didn’t have the money to fly home to the Phillipines where he was, so one of our assistant managers personally came up with a fundraiser so we could buy her a plane ticket home.

    Every couple of months we try to raise money for the Childrens Miracle Network. Every year, WM gives THOUSANDS of dollars to sick, dying kids, and a lot of it comes straight from WM’s pocket, because customers are too damn stingy to give a dollar to some poor little girl with a brain tumor.

    Yeah, WM has issues. But every commerical store has issues. Target isn’t so spectacular itself – there’s always a new story involving them about a customer suing for one reason or another. Example? Did you know that a pharmacist at Target can refuse to sell you a backup contraceptive if it goes against THEIR personal belief?

    And for everyone who wants to shut WM down – I’ll be the first one to say that WM has a good chance of running themselves into the ground for the dumb shit they pull, but if they go under? That’s more than a million people in the US alone that won’t have jobs. You feel so bad for us employees? Then why are you trying to take away our jobs?

  • SAHM

    1st of all, Congrats to all of the small stores that are still up and running.

    I agree with you on this. I don’t know where some of you have been shopping but I’ve never had a issue with Guest service at Target. Its easy to return something, yeah you might have to wait a few minutes. If you can’t find someone to help you they have the black buttons that will send someone right over and help you not just point and say its over there. If their check out lanes get backed up, they call for help.

    I don’t believe that a pharmacist can refuse to sell anything because of their personal beliefs, even at Target. If their personal beliefs are getting in the way of them doing their job, they should be working there.

  • Cheesy

    So creating jobs and affordable prices for people who need it is okay while we’re destroying the environment?

    You people are fucked up in the head.

  • toyman

    I happen to know from experience that Wal-Mart is a joke, I work there. They treat their employes like shit. They have cut hours, lowered our pay raises, and cut back on hiring. That means less pay for more work! I have seen twenty year employes get their hours cut from 40 to 28 hours a week, and people wonder why the customer service is shit. I’m only working there untill I’m out of college so don’t say I work there due to my lack of skills. I’m there to pay for college. It’s a shame people have slaved half their lives away for these assholes.

  • Lord Tantrum

    Thanks for the comment toyman. It’s always good to hear from actual employees. I wonder what percentage of Wal-Mart employees are happy with their jobs.

  • Mandrake

    Nick is a wal-mart plant or just simply crazy. He is not going to be able to stay in business by selling the same products that walmart sells and at a higher price. Human nature doesn’t work that way. People will not knowingly pay more for a product on a regular basis. Nick, you need regular and repeat customers to stay in business. NO ONE COMPETES WITH WAL-MART for very long. If you truly do own a store minutes from wal-mart, sell the same products at higher prices, then you are on your way out my friend. You make me laugh when you suggest that mom and pop stores need to ramp up there marketing strategies to gain more customers. Let me repeat, NO ONE COMPETES WITH WAL-MART. WAL-Mart and the greedy corporate companies and financial institutions on wall street are killing us. I wish they would all collapse.

  • gary mcgarity

    Well I’m a employed by Walmart and I must say that not many.Are happy with there job it is to big for it’s paints.As for the way it treats it’s employee and the products they sell are cheap.And the selection isn’t there anyone like it use to be.If Sam was a LIVE today he would fire all of the upper CEO’s and close Walmart down.From what I hear of Sam from the older employee he was awesome person and he cared about his people.

  • Lucy

    I have lived in several small towns in the last two decades in SE United States, and I can tell you that when a WM comes in, small businesses close. You have it right, there is no way to compete with the buying power of Walmart. They do not care about the welfare of their employees or their country, everything there is cheaply made and disposable. Although they seem to be the worst, it’s not just Walmart, other big box stores are to blame as well. If you are buying the exact same item there cheaper, think of what those few dollars will cost in the long run. I have finally found a place to call home, nearly everyone in my county has boycotted WM and we all feel they should never be allowed in, as well as other big box stores. As a result, our small businesses are thriving, including my own, our real estate values have remained constant even in these hard times. We all support each other, maybe because we are all part of the same small community, but we try to keep our money here, supporting our local economy. As a result, my groceries may be a little higher than others, but my business is doing well even in today’s economy, so that is not an issue. What goes around comes around. Americans better wake up and get things moving on our own soil
    again. What will everyone do when trade with China evolves and everything isn’t so cheap, I mean inexpensive…

  • Please hear me! My son worked for Walmart for 10 yrs.and was a very dedicated employee who was never late or ever took a sick day. He injured himself at work and all hell broke loose.Some jerk of a co-manager started to harass him and tried to intimidate him.My son has a 4 Yr.degree from Penn.State and was never promoted to management and I know why.It was because he was discriminated against because of place of origin. This Jerk of a co-manager who has no right to be one thinks she is way above all associates.This cheap low life can never shine my sons shoes.He was raised to respect his peers and people in general. His father is a retired Police Officer.His Grandfather and uncles fought in World War2.Some losing their lifes.She fired my son because he can not work right now thus causing him great pain and finanacial ruin.In my opion this Company violates his civil and human rights becoming just like their peers in China. Sam Walton is rolling in his grave!!This Company must stop their Communists theory and their Cult practices!! Please hear my prayer.

  • docs

    wow once again the haves and the have nots if the person with the business was affected he would be with u greed is the issue always was always will be look at the new Toyota add on tv 0% financing not there fixed. good to go. safe and i bet there are people out there buying them greed all other country’s use it against us where does it end people need to find a place they can come together they would be un stoppable but they cant greed once again the haves and the have nots

  • tired and worn

    Please trust me when I say this, WALMART IS AN AMERCIAN SWEAT SHOP!!! I work for walmart, and they told me all these pretty cock and bull stories and explained their “open door policy” was blah, blah, blah. Well after 2 YEARS of working for them, I have been LIED TO every which way but loose and mistreated becaue I am not part of the “Walmart Pets Club”. I dont’ kiss the managers asses. I break my back for this company and the main thing I have ever asked mfor was Day shift hours so that I could be with my kids, I was told I had to “WORK MY WAY UP TO DAY SHIFT” which I totally understand, what I didn’t understand is that right after that little meeting 6 people were hired within a week all of which were put immediately to DAY SHIFT, and none of which had a single child at home! I was told I was going to get an occasional Sunday off for church, NEVER HAPPENED, but my co-workers get weeekends off and whatever day they please because I am walmart’s personal pack mule to cover all this. I have a medical history that they have NO CARE OR CONCERN for whatsoever and have been coached for absences where I had to be taken to the hospital ER to recieve a migraine shot that puts me cold out for at least 24 hours. I have recieved “Clicks” because I had to rush to the ER where my child had been taken after having an allergic reation to a jellyfish sting and her throat was swelling shut and I was the only parent in town to give permissions to treat my child. I recieved a click FOR BEING SENT HOME BY A MANAGER FOR HAVING A MIGRAINE SO BAD I VOMITED ALL OVER THE DELI FLOOR IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS, apparently it was my personal fault the manager sent me home as I didn not ask to go home and even argued the point. Walmart isnt all it says it is. If they could replace us with illegal aliens and get by with paying them even less than they pay us, there wouldn’t be a DAMN SOUL IN WALMART THAT SPOKE ENGLISH!!! I WISH EVERY DAMN WALMART IN THE WORLD WOULD BURN TO THE GROUND!!! Bring back the mom and pop stores, where people care for other people!!

  • Come on who does not love poverty wages? Look at all the wonderful things WalMart has done for the Chinese economy. Sure the close down every family business in the area but as the banking industry has shown us “just let the market regulate it’s self”. If we let WalMart do what they want, it will help our economy……….?

  • bob

    as an ex employee at walmart, i can give you some inside poop. yes,walmart kills local retailers. yes,walmart buys must of its crap from china. But what can you do? people need jobs. walmart generally pays above minimum wage. when i worked there , the health plan was excellent if u opted in.they also have profit sharing. walmart does tend to hire some pretty lame people in places like payroll and hr,although where i worked i was lucky, my hr lady was great. maybe not competent,but really nice. as far as costumer service,walmart has a great return policy ,and is very liberal with returns. My understanding when i was leaving ,is that they were trying to get rid of as many workers as possible, and just have department heads run the floor.Its the big box strategy. customers come in and find what they want and go to the cashier.My last job was in hardware,and i wasnt a manager ,but somedays i was responsible for hardware,sporting goods and toys. That was a laugh. anyway, i dont think walmart is either good or bad.it just is what it is. It does some horrible things true,but pretty unstoppable,

  • Richard

    I am an so called walmart employee and managment is always right and us employee’s are always wrong.
    they have a so called open door policy if an employee has any concerns and in reality if you open you’re mouth they show you the door, managment is allowed to bully and use intimidation tatics and if you even dare to speak you’re mind you are singled out by all members of managment.
    I work there but I don’t shop there and you people who do shop there are only contributing to economic oppression of the community and it’s employees.
    walmart will ruin this country if there policies and and practices are condoned much longer.

  • Bob

    I worked for wal-mart for almost 5 years. I got called in for orientation and when they asked for my opinion when I gave it to them I got fired.What Happen to the first amendment?

  • Stephen

    Those who support Wal-Mart not only support SLAVE LABOR in foreign lands but they also support the demise of America’s small to medium size towns. The product quality is very poor and the choices are very limited. It saddens me greatly to think America has fallen so LOW.

  • jimbobob

    I am an employee at a walmart in DE, and they do treat us like crap, they do under pay and treat us like rented mules……i get paid 8 per hour to unload trucks all nite, the wage is ridiculous……breaking your back with alot of heavy lifting, and coming home bruised up every nite for peanuts…..yea it sucks, and the managers are idiots half the time, and typically think they are know it alls, and treat you like imbiciles……so yea it sucks, im only there because good jobs are pretty damned scarce in DE……and they were the only hiring place at the time, and ive been there for 2 years now…..it doesnt get any better and never will……f-wm

  • Joe

    The posts here have made for very interesting reading, but most have missed the much bigger point… Wal-Mart is only one example of the new business model in this country.
    This model is based on greedy unions (and greedy union workers) who put short-term wages ahead of long-term benefits for both employees and the company. I have yet to meet a union employee who’s conscientious. Most put in 4 hours of work for 8 hours of pay, and could give a rat’s ass about anything (or anyone) else. They destroyed the steel industry, and they continue to give companies the perfect excuse/opportunity to ship labor overseas. Additionally, the current business model is also based on impatient, uninformed consumers who put instant gratification and price ahead of common sense. In summation, companies only make decisions based on the information that’s out there, and the majority of that information is based on people’s attitudes and buying habits. With that being said, the stupidity, impatience, and apathy of the average consumer, as well as the asinine union worker mentality (or lack thereof) is to blame for all of this. This once great country is going down the crapper at a record pace, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Corporations have become more arrogant (and at times downright evil), and the government continues to grow; while becoming more and more intrusive and controlling. Why? Because people don’t vote, people don’t get involved, people are selfish and self-absorbed, and the average IQ nowadays is at an all-time low. Combine all those factors and you quickly see why this great country is falling flat on it’s face, and why heartless juggernauts like Wal-Mart continue to prosper. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to take a moment and look in the mirror. From Wal-Mart, to intrusive and controlling government, we have no one to blame but ourselves for this mess we’re in.

  • James S.

    Perhaps we should turn walmart over to al-queda, after all walmart is the epitome of consumerism and capitalist excess.

  • Scott

    Wal mart is an american sweat shop and you would probably have to work there to really understand.They harrass,manipulate and take advantage of their employees to the point of “brainwash”.They are a hypocritical and greedy company who only cares about their stock price like most greedy corporations.Their prices are not much better than other department stores.To the people who say it is a good company probably have stock in it or know some brainwashed fool who says they like working there.But guess what?They probably dont know any better or are just lying to themselves.Walmart puts their distribution centers in poor areas where people can be more easily manipulated.Way too overgrown and its day is comoing when the consumer will wise up and avoid going their,it is a bad habit,

  • Joley65

    “Live simply so that others may simply live”. That is a great quote that I think many people lose sight of these days. Too many people think they need all this “stuff”, including crappy food. I try to buy good quality items and better food for my family and Walmart does not have much to offer in those categories. Most stuff from China has “lead” in it or is made from cheap stuff. I admit, I have shopped at Walmart, but seriously try to avoid it like the plague. One time I bought a rug there that literally stunk like chemicals so badly I had to return it. (Their customer service is a “0” in my opinion! Smiling or being generally polite is seen rarely there.) Why would I want to shop at a place, dispite the fact that their product might be 20 cents cheaper than another store, that has rude employees that don’t give a crap! I want to support my locals who help make my town what it is and I like it. Why would I want to buy products that may cause harm or sickness to my family? I am a single mother and some weeks it is hard to make ends meet, but I do it and WITHOUT supporting Walmart.

  • the smartest

    fuck the libertarian, corporate takeover should die. and it IS inevitible. WALMART WILL HAVE A UNION SO HAAAAAA WHEN THEY DO IM GONNA LAUGH MY ASS OFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! union ftw

  • FrankDogg

    I was hired by walmart a few days ago only to get fired during orientation! We were filling out our tax forms and watching safety videos and such. I voiced my opinion on a few things and got pulled into the office. I was fired on the spot. I WAS ONLY EMPLOYED FOR FOUR HOURS!!!!! FUCK WALMART. THEY ARE RUDE POMPOUS FUCKS! TO HELL WITH THEM!!!!! AND YES THEIR SERVICE SUCKS COCK. PISS ON THEM!!!!!

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