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Seven Reasons Wal-Mart Sucks

1)  Wal-Mart has run thousands of small-businesses OUT of business.  The process is frighteningly effective.  Wal-Mart seeks out medium sized towns and builds a store.  They’re able to charge lower prices than the family run shops in the area, who inevitably close up their business.  Often they end up working at Wal-Mart, which leads us to point number two:

2)  Wal-Mart treats employees notoriously badly.  They normally start out paying minimum wage and keep employees there for as long as possible.  Generally people don’t work at Wal-Mart if they have other options, and Wal-Mart knows this.  They can pay next to nothing and still keep their employees.

3) Their products are generally cheap and are always devoid of any sacramental value.  Yes, they sell inexpensive hardware.  But that hardware was produced in China by virtual slave-laborers.  Wal-Mart products enrich nobody but Wal-Mart, as opposed to somewhat pricier products made in the USA or other countries with reasonably compensated laborers.  Shopping elsewhere may cost you more.  But wherever you shop, you’re supporting the system that brought the goods to the store.  Do you want to support Wal-Mart’s system of exploitation?  More on that next.

wal mart image Seven Reasons Wal Mart Sucks


4) Wal-Mart exploits cheap international labor. According to this, workers in Bangladesh make as little as nine cents an hour producing goods for Wal-Mart. Why would they pay more? Than they’d have to charge more, which would mean they couldn’t undercut local businesses anymore!

5) Their customer service is a nightmare. God help you if you ever have to return something (which is likely)! You’ll wait hours because they generally have ONE working customer service agent despite having 15-20 cashiers checking people out. And don’t bother trying to find help over the internet or by phone! I once received a $50 Visa gift card purchased through Wal-Mart. For some reason it didn’t work– and it took literally three months of constant complaining and following up before it was replaced.

6) They have no regard for the environment, despite their ad campaign to the contrary. This article details some of their common abuses, including their pollution of local water supplies. Most of the crap they sell ends up in a landfill sooner or later, where it takes up space forever because Wal-Mart does not believe in biodegradable products!

7) The stores are ugly. The employees have bad attitudes– but who can blame them? There is nothing pleasurable about the shopping experience, other than the price. But remember what those cheap products represent. You pay that great price because Wal-Mart pays its employees as little as it possibly can. That great price is made possible by sweatshop labor overseas. That price is made possible because they don’t concern themselves with environmentally safe materials.

When you shop at Wal-Mart, you save money and you may save time– but you’re giving up your soul in exchange. Fuck Wal-Mart. Buy local.

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  • former 2684

    The so called family will let you do anything you want but steal from them,married men living with single women,married men and women having affairs.If Sam Walton could see what his stores have become I’m sure he regrets ever starting them.

  • RRC

    Now the holidays are ovet they are cutting hours. I am scheduled now for as little as 29 hours a week. Thursday night I was scheduled for 6 hours but I had 12 pallets of freight. They say hours were cut because sales won’t justify giving us our regular hours, but they cannot explain why so much freight comes in. So they told me to just work my normal hours but then they complain about me working over my scheduled hours even though they told me to. They have a list posted at both time clocks with the names of everyone who is so much as one minute over their scheduled time. And again they have signs posted asking workers to take time off without pay. Last night we were told that we must find a way, despite how much work there is, to get everything done within our scheduled hours and if we continue to work over our scheduled hours they will start firing people.
    They finally hired a few extras for produce but let them go recently because of payroll. When they started cutting hours everywhere they started having the bakery people working bakery, produce, meat and deli. Very little is geting done anywhere, we have angry customers as a result, and produce is getting backed up again like it had a few months ago. So we are putting new produce shipments in the dairy cooler again since there is no room in either the produce or meat coolers.
    The store manager decided that one pallet of frozen meat shall be kept in the deli freezer (which is in the front) at all times now. So now I have to keep some of the deli items in my freezer(which is in the back)
    The zone manager keeps ordering too much of what the deli does not need (won’t let the dept manager decide what to order) so their shelves stay full and with the meat pallet in their freezer I could get two more pallets in there if they could get their product worked. But with hours cut and bakery people trying to work it and having too much uneeded product deli stays backed up. With the situation I usually get only one pallet in and last night I could not get any in there.
    We had new mods come down in frozen but no product for them yet so those shelves are empty. We have new products come in but nowhere to put them as the mods for them have not dropped yet.
    This is the most bizzare way of running a company I have ever seen since I started working in 1969. People are unhappy with Walmart because of poor customer service, but some also defend Walmart’s right to make money. What they fail to understand is Walmart is trying to make money by cutting customer service. They are also trying to make money by increasing their losses by failing to resolve unneccessary problems so they can get tax writeoffs on those losses (which means the taxpayers pay for it)

  • RRC

    The store manager started leaving us messages demanding to meet with him for working over our scheduled time. I was scheduled for 29 hours but worked 32 hours as required by 3rd shift management. I told the shift manager he should be talking to her, not me, and if he wants to meet with me then he will have to come in well before the end of my shift. From now on I will leave at my scheduled time and if he is not there before then I will not wait for him and I will not return until my next shift.
    Saturday night I was scheduled for 5 hours, 11 pm- 5 am. They put in a one hour lunch break in the middle of that, even though a 5 hour shift you are supposed to get only two 15 minute breaks. I had 7 pallets in frozen. I left at my scheduled time which was 5 am even though the work was not done. Now the shift managers are in agreement that we cannot get the work done with our limited hours, but the store manager is not. But day shift was still not allowed to do anything but zone so when I returned Sunday night I had the two pallets left over, plus one pallet of picks, plus 7 new pallets.
    Help was sent from other areas and then the shift manager said because we had three call ins she could let me work one hour over. No one else was allowed to work over.

  • i need to know if any one knows if the statement was made that walmart was to get rid of the elderly and disabled in the year 2012? Where can i find it. please help me. I’m disabled and fear i may be losing my job of 14 years. I am on workers comp. Please help me. sorry to get off the subject

  • Mike

    I have only been employed by Wal-Mart for 2 months as a support supervisor & i can truely see its not work the hassle for the pay. They want you to supervise 15 people and pay you a little over minumn wage and caught all the crap from your manager. First time employed by a company like this but its not going to last. I guess i care to much about the people that work for me & its very depressing to even take a break and listen to all the people complain how much they hate there job and how much they cut there hours in January. If you are full time god dam you should get 40 hours a week. Seem like everyone in management walks around with there nice clothes on acting all ***** but you know in reality folks we all put our pants on the same way and dont take the shit from them.

  • Mike

    Please people understand that wal-mart will fuck you so they show a profit in every way. We need supplies bady in January but could not get them due to the year end for Wal-Mart was the end of January. They are a fucking bunch of assholes for managers & always will be.

  • JohnS.

    I HOPE ANY OF THE DIPSHIT/ASSHOLE MANAGERS OUT THERE READ THIS!!! I have been at Walmart for some years now and I work overnights as a stocker. Over the past couple years we have been cut hours, firings without new hires, bonuses and other incentives being cut or eliminated, blah blah blah, you guys know what I’m talking about! A lot of the bosses are total assholes and only lookin to line their pockets with THEIR bonuses! They want us to work more in less time and there is no reward for it! Walmart makes billions of dollars each year and this company continues to (because of greed) cut back on this or that to save money! Well guess what, I’ve been making my own incentives with free CD/DVD’s, batteries, clothes, food and just recently a laptop!! I’m not the only one getting self incentives either. We employees need to stick together! I know what some of you might be sayin “two wrongs don’t make a right!” Well, while that may be true, my paycheck goes further now to buy or pay for other things! LOL 😉 GIMME A FUKIN SQUIGGLY!!!

  • RRC

    On 3rd shift two employees are on extended LOA and two others quit. Management says there is no reason to hire anyone, at least not for 3rd shift. They are hiring for day shift, to stand around and do nothing. Interesting how management is concerned about payroll, but wants to hire people to not work. They let more produce workers go, claiming that produce sales won’t justify keeping them. But we have more produce than ever comming in each night. Out of room now in the produce, meat and dairy coolers, so just as before with produce sitting around going bad. The few workers who are left are scheduled for usually one a day and only 4 hours. In one week I will be on vacation and I will be seeking other work. If I find it I just won’t go back to Wal Mart.

  • DDW

    I have been employeed with Walmart for five years now and have worked O/N until Janurary of this year when I went days so I have seen both sides, While on O/N we would come in and nothing would be zoned and the store a mess and everyone complained that we had to do the day time peoples job as well as ours; but now that I’m on days I work just as hard as I did on nights, we don’t have time to zone or anything we are constantly being pulled to do someone elses job, like today I was asked by an assistant if I knew how to do was signage, and I didn’t and later I saw her doing it I’m sure she was suppose to do it but was pawning it off on someone else. The main problem is understaffing in all areas of the store and I hear customers complain all day that Walmart is going to hell in a hand basket and I would have to say that I agree. When I first started with the company in 2007 I loved my job I and would have to say I am good at what I do. But I’m sick of doing more for less!
    I have been trying to move up for the last three years and I put in for a support position and when my assistant found out I was interested she told me to put in for an ICS position and right then I knew that the young man she was mentoring was going to get the position and sure enough he did and he had been with the company for less than a year since that time I have seen alot of positions go to people that had less than a year experience and most of them young men.
    I was recently interviewed for Pharmacy DM but and did one hell of an interview, but two hours later they told me that I didn’t get the position and as I was leaving that evening I heard someone talking about a Zone Mgr. was telling everyone that they already had the position filled but had to interview a few people to make it seem legal, really pissed me off and since that I have given up and quit working as hard and just plain dont give a shit!!! the other day I saw an older lady trying to reach something on the bottom shelf but it was to far back and she couldnt reach it and instead of helping her I let her get it herself so she had to get on her hands and knees to get it; in my opinion that is the “HIGH COST OF LOW WAGES” I am going broke working for Walmart now that my hours have been cut, my schedeual is all over the place I couldn’t even look for a part time job, one day I might work until 11pm and have to turn around and be back at 10am, and it seems that all the part time people have all the better hours, it is my opinion that they are trying to squeeze out all the full time help. I heard that they are going to do away with all overnight help and contract(temp.service)thier help that way they dont have to pay benefits or anyhing. I have since joined OUR WALMART; maybe if we all ban together we can make or break the company!

  • yeah walmart fired me today but they must not have taken me out of this system yet. A customer complained that I was racist and surprise surprise they pulled the security footage and decided to side with the customer. Even though I’m pretty much flat broke i feel strangely liberated because walmart is the worst hellhole in the world to work in. the stress was killing me anyways. so hang in there someday you can say go to hell to the store manager too!!! Mark Divis is a good for nothing piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RRC

    Back from vacation-I was sick the entire time so I was not able to go job hunting. Probably sick because of the stress at Wal Mart. So we lost 5 people during my absence-2 were fired, 3 quit. Just before my vacation someone in my department quit, but they still have him on the schedule.
    Since the first of the year we are down 12 people (on 3rd shift), and so far they have hired in only one. He is part time, and incompetent. We got in 2000 pounds of watermelons in February, and now with spring arriving we are getting in hundreds of cases of hot chocolate. They are reworking my ice cream modulars in two weeks, but they are now sending in excesses of ice cream, and other frozen products instead of waiting until they actually need the stuff. Then after they do that they will remodel my department. It did not occur to them to remodel first, then change the modulars.So the walk in freezer is backed up to the door again but it is so bad that Monday morning I ended up putting two pallets of overstock in the meat cooler because they was no room for it anywhere else. And until now I was getting a truck 4 nights a week, now it is 6 nights a week. They thought this would result in smaller shipments each night with getting in only two or 3 pallets ach shipment, but I never beieved that because it would not be economical. I have been there long enough to know how this company operates, and so Monday morning I saw on the computer the shipment due in Monday night(one of the nights we were not getting a truck)and going by the number of cases scheduled to come in it was obvious that we would be getting 7 or 8 pallets, and the same Tuesday night (another night we were not getting a truck).
    I am off those two nights and when I go back Wednesday night it is always a disaster and looks as if the place had not been zoned in a month. I reall dread going back this Wednesday night with the excessive freight being sent in now. Most of the stuff they send in is not selling very well, but anything that sells well they get rid of it. They are clearly trying to put themselves out of business, apparently so they can get a write-off and stick it to the tax payers.
    My first night back from vacation I recieved an e-mail from the store manager wanting to know why I worked over my scheduled hours, even though I was off for 9 days. How do these stupid people get into management positions when they obviously do not know who works when or even when someone is no longer working there. One of our CSMs just walked out. She requested to have her schedule modified so she could come in earlier and leave earlier to go home and be with her children as her husband started a new job and has to be there by 6 am. 3rd shift management told her that they would have to replace her and claimed this meant she is no longer interested in working.

  • PissedOff

    I’ve been working at Wal-Mart for a year now, as Smokeshop cashier everyday. I’m moving 1500 miles away and have been talking to the store I’m suppose to transfer for over a month now. They told me they had an opening and it’d be fine for me to transfer. I called today, four days before I move and they tell me that they have bad news. Apparently their payroll is over and they’re not taking any transfers. Like Wal-Mart is fucking going broke, where’s the decency to tell me before hand so I could put in my two weeks and try to find another job? Fuck ’em.

  • Stupidity

    Every product in Walmart is CHEAP! Manufacturers are forced to create inferior products to line the pockets of corporate Walmart jerks…. Think I am kidding? Compare Gold Toe socks between the Walmart and Kohls (and other department stores) the Walmart versions only have 3 gold stripes and they are much thinner…. the same goes for Liv dolls- the Walmart versions are not articulated (moving joints) compared to any other store. Every about Walmart sucks…. I hope people wake up and realize how bad Walmart is for America– Buy Local, do NOT support Walmart or any other big-box store!!!!

  • RRC

    It just keeps getting better at my store. I was hired full time, but lately I have been scheduled for as little as 28 hours a week. One Thursday night I was scheduled for 5 hours, but I had 12 pallets (frozen dept) with a time limit of 24 hours. I had help for only the first part of the shift, and being alone the rest of the shift I stayed until 8 am to get the work done(scheduled to leave at 5 am). As we are still getting in too much frozen that does not sell much, the overstock situation finally got to the point that it was put into the dairy cooler and stayed there for 5 days. Since it was thawed out it was thrown out-$4000 worth. This past Sunday night the grocery, produce and zone managers worked all night with me to work the overstock, but very little would go out. They told me they understand the problem of too much freight, but also the district manager is unhappy with me and said I will be fired if the overstock gets out of control again. I told them firing me will not resolve the problem, they need to fix their ordering. Now they are telling me I have to do my own binning as the stockroom people can’t do it anymore(understandable they can’t do it as they have too much overstock to deal with and not enough help). We had a girl who was hired a while back to bin frozen/dairy but she quit after one week and was never replaced. So now I have two full time jobs (starting tonight) that I am expected to complete each night within the scheduled hours: working excessive amounts of freight with little or no help, and bin excessive amounts of overstock, even if I am scheduled for only 5 hours. I have been there nearly 4 years, and got a raise each year, but when my review is given in May I probably won’t get one this time. Others who have been there longer than me have not been getting raises. The produce dept is having the same problem: little help, too much freight, and just threw out 5000 lbs of bananas.
    I can see they are setting me up to fire me. It has been obvious for some time that the harder you work the unhappier they become because it becomes harder to find a reason for termination. They would rather replace me with a part time minimum wage worker who does little than keep me and get the job done. Apparently management bonuses are based on payroll instead of sales. There is something seriously wrong and Wal Mart should be investigated. I am hearing that stockholders are unloading their stocks and getting the hell out becuase they see very serious trouble comming soon, like bankruptcy.

  • RRC

    Has anyone been reading about the Wal Mart/Mexico bribery situation? They bribed Mexico to let them build stores there. Go on the WIRE and you will read about senior officials being promoted to replace officials who left the company. The way the stores are being managed it seems like these managers are getting what they can while they can because they know something. I have a sense that the rats are deserting the ship before it sinks. With this going on in Mexico, what is going on in China where they buy the garbage they sell, and what is going on here in the US?

  • RRC

    We now have refrigerated dog food. They brought in a new cooler to install in the pet dept. They filled it with this dog food, and within 24 hours the cooler broke down and the dog food went bad. If they want to pay someone to make stupid decisions I can do it for a fraction of what these senior managers are doing it for.

  • JohnS.

    RRC – It’s kind of funny (since you don’t know) but there are Walmarts in Mexico already! At least the one that a friend went to that works at my store. She actually was there last summer as she occasionally visits friends/family out there. She was telling us that she brought a camcorder and was filming in the store (yes, I watched the footage) just to show us the differences and what a Mexican Walmart looks like and blah blah blah. There was about 5 to 10 min. of recording until a manager had her stop the filming and put the camera away. THAT is kind of shady in itself because she was with family and it wasn’t a conspiracy or anything! Anyway, I don’t know if that’s the ONLY Walmart there right now or if there are a couple more but Walmart is definitely there. just lettin you know. Laterz

    P.S. Walmart keeps gettin worse but I’m hangin in there…

  • robert

    Plain and simple. Walmart sucks. I started working there less than 2 months ago and i have already been counciled for not working fast enough. They expect me to stock the entire dairy department by myself in less than 5 hours. They refused to hire me full time just so they would not have to give me benefits. My ASSisstant manager is a complete jackass who could not give a crap about anything and all he does is tell you to work faster. They don’t care about you at all. Plus they are always screwing with my hours. Plus even my coworkers have said that they hate working for walmart.

    P.S. KISS MY ASS WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JohnS.

    FUCK Walmart and (some of the ) management!! I just scored another laptop (incentive) and i’m gonna sell it!! LOL 🙂

  • tiffany thomas

    I’m sick of the mail I get in my inbox telling me I won 1000.00 dollar gift card ,but you never really ever win any thing never!!I get things in my mail that say.” get a 500.00 free in grocery’s gift card ” they never send you a pin.They never mail you the card after they say ,”congratulations you won!!!!”Such B.S.!!! I blame WALMART!!!I like shopping at Walmart!!!I’m just sick of survey after survey after survey ,but never really winning anything!!So Walmart you suck !!!

  • TDog

    Walmart truly sucks ass, guys.
    I’ve been an associate there for the past 4 years. Just pushing carts is all, which seems like a demeaning task, but I guess everyone feels the same way about their jobs at a Walmart. My store seems to be okay about 60 percent of the time, the days that nothing unusual or crappy happens. The rest of the time, I wish I was having that day off!

    I won’t shop at Walmart anymore. Not even with their dumb 10% discount. In the early times, it was good since you considered the fact that you’re paying 10 percent less for the same crap that the customers are getting all around you. Especially in December when the 10% discount was added to ALL food items for the rest of that month. But more than a year and a half ago, I began being subject to stupid annoying questions from fellow associates while I was a customer on my day off, and the ONLY time I had to do my shopping for that week. “Why are you here on your day off?” they would ask. “It’s pretty obvious that I need to BUY a few things.” I would say, but the same people would ask again and again, and as time went on, others chimed in, and it seemed more rude. One cashier I didn’t know harangued me about it one day over a year ago in the rudest tone I ever heard: “You shouldn’t be here on your DAY OFF!!!” Good thing I had an empty shopping cart at the time before I was choosing things to buy because I just got red in the face and snapped back, “Fine! I’ll just go somewhere else then!” So I got back in my car and peeled away out of there.
    Lesson #1 learned: If you are an employee who wants to shop at a Walmart in your spare time, don’t do it at the same store you work in.
    I chose this one store close to my house, so it saved more time by shopping there, not to mention MONEY. Most of their food prices were lower than the prices I would get even with my discount at Walmart! So I found a new store to shop at in my own neighborhood. Meanwhile, and this will make you guys laugh, some of the employees at my store heard that I switched stores and then get all pissed off because I won’t reconsider “supporting Walmart” again with my money. Some of them tried pulling their shaming tactics on me, none of which worked, not even the recent one from one of my own supervisors when she said, “You’re going to affect our next BONUS!” Yeah, right. As if one person and their $45 shopping budget per week will REALLY put a dent in the hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales my store rakes in alone each day!

    And then, worst of all, just recently, I was COACHED unfairly, which I contested, of course, but never heard back from anyone about. Almost a month ago, my assistant manager began giving me crap because she saw me push 13 carts by hand. “YOU’RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO PUSH 10 CARTS!” she yelled at me. I told her that I was the only cart-pusher for that entire hour because the other guy had finished his shift earlier and went home, and this happened to be the busy hour. I said, “The entire parking lot looks messed up enough as it is and I’m trying to clean it up. It’ll just look worse unless you get me some help.” She told me that I had a negative attitude, but I didn’t say anything back as I got a line of carts that were outside the open door of the cart bay and pushed them inside.
    An hour and a half later, I had clocked out and was getting my things ready to go home. Immediately, the assistant manager sees me and decides to target me again for her complaining. I said, “I don’t need to hear any more of this because I’m off the clock!” and then I walked away. The next day, she had me coached! She said that I “broke the rules” by pushing in more than ten carts AGAIN when I was simply just getting a line of carts through the bay door, and that I “disrespected” her when she was trying to complain to me about that “violation.” I told her, “I was OFF THE CLOCK. You have no right to coach me for anything that happens off the clock. And I wasn’t disrespecting you at all! I was just reminding you of the fact that you can’t discuss company regulations with me when I’m not on the clock!” She tried to justify this excuse by saying, “I’m your boss, whether or not you’re off the clock, so you have to listen to me next time I try to talk to you!” This is bullcrap! I don’t have to answer to her when I’m clocked out and going home. I already discussed this with the store manager as well, but he immediately took her side by saying, “Well…she IS your boss!” So the coaching won’t get thrown out because even though I was retaliated against for refusing to meet with my boss when I was going home, the managers don’t see anything wrong with this!

    So watch out, everyone. When you work for Walmart, the company wants to OWN you even on your own personal time and the managers all think you still have to answer to them even if you’re on your day off and trying to buy a gallon of milk. If you’re an off-duty cashier and you’re there buying groceries on your day off, some manager will try to put you on a register anyway and if you refuse because you’re off the clock, they’ll coach you the first chance they get because that is “disrespecting the manager” and they think they’re your boss even in your personal time.

  • gary

    I’ve work for walmart the past 4yrs I know how the MGMT treats there people.And I know that my last MY share check was like 300 hundred and just wait my store MGMT check was 24,000.00.Y do you think they cut hours yes so they can get that big check right off our backs.O,Ya don’t foret your raises they nickle and dime to death.But I willn’t lower my standers and steal for them becauses If you get busted well then you got a record.A I got 5 kids that I got to take care off.

  • former associate in california

    ok to be right to the point.

    i worked for 5 years barely, i started & was fired almost on the same day i was hired.
    in fact it was 1 day after my 5 year aniversery.

    though most of my time at wally world was fun & exciting, there were times when i wanted to quit. oh & btw . i have met sam walton when he was alive in texas.

    i sware he,d be rolling in his grave right now(if he isnt already.

    if you,re wondering how i got fired ??? milxception on a d-day record.
    2 weeks before

    it was back in janurary clocked out for lunch it was 7:45 precisely. came back at 8:45 exacly. (corperate claimed i doubleclocked . jan 28th. i remember that night when i clocked out it said missing punch , so i talked to night manager & fixed it via wire, & just to make sure made a paper adjustment. & figured problem solved.

    low & behold on feb 19th got my walking papers & out the door.

    oh you can come back in 60 days. here it is june 30th , oh were on a hiring freeze right now. check back later.

    it might be a clerical error . but i want my job back. (i,m on unimployment , which i hate : id rether be working.

  • Debbie

    MY 10+ year experience with Sandusky Wal-Mart #1628. #1628 Management Team treats their employees horribly. They are a group of merciful taskmasters. They have no concept of Sam Walton’s 3 Basic Beliefs. “Respect for the Individual” does not exist at #1628. This Management team can lower your pride and dignity at the drop of a hat, and not give it a second thought. Even the sales floor in front of customers was not exempt from the humiliation. The retaliation was very fierce. “Customer Service” is only allowed after all other tasks are complete. The best and my favorite part of my job was exceeding my customers expectations. (acknowledged more than once by my Market Manager). My store manager once told me I have to much passion for my job. I just wanted to create the best shopping experience possible. #1628 struggles “Striving for Excellence”, this struggle will continue until the #1628 Management team starts leading by example, they are required to do this per their job description. If they would step up and become true role models the customers and employees would truly benefit. Deb

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  • Hootin And Hollerin

    For 5 years, I have seen Wal-Mart (3 different stores) go from having a reasonable associate-to-work ratio to having barely enough associates to run the joint. Customers constantly complain there is no one to help them. Associates are over-worked, minimumly paid, and under-appreciated. Management of these stores have one goal and one goal only – to make the greatest profit possible so they look good in the eyes of corporate. Customers are bought off with a small gift card or other markdown (hush money). If the customer does not make enough of a fuss, management simply throws a bunch of store policy BS their way to get them out of the store. The economy has been great for Wal-Mart because most people don’t have enough other opportunities for work elsewhere. They can hold onto their slaves for as little money (and hours) as possible. Addressing Wal-Mart’s policies, they love to explain their rules and regulations to you but only seem to enforce them when it suits them. Additionally, I have explained Wal-Mart’s return policy to customers on numerous occasions only to have some manager turn right around and allow the customer to return products past the return policy time period. I now add that the return policy is X (unless the manager wishes to make an exception). That way, I can’t be blamed when management turns around and gives away the store. More to follow later…

  • I hate Wal-hole. These people want you to work your butt off and they don’t appreciate a dang- on thing that you do

  • lucy in Ct.

    Things will never be the same since I when to bed with the store manager.

  • Rosa Hurtado (AMERICAN)

    I was treated horribly for my non American name and my friends non American ID… bunch of bastards. I will probably pay more to get treated with some dignity. I am an american I spends lots of money a DAY. but no longer with you.

  • Stopactinglikevictums

    Wow,it seems like most of you just want to be victums. No one is forced to work anywhere and if you think you have it so bad then quit. If you think you are under paid, work to hard, then just quit. Most of the time I see employess at Walmart just standing around doing nothing or complaining. Maybe if you spent more time working you would provide better customer service and get promoted.

  • Anonymous

    resident of eastlake, learn how to fucking spell you ignorant sack of shit. holy shit how old are you 3?
    and we are victims. customers treat us like shit management treats us like shit so fuck off. ignorant fucks.

  • Anonymous

    walmart is terrrible, they say we cash checks for 3 $ but they always find a reason not to cash it. All the things they sell are substandard, tools that break after one use. Clothes that don’t fit. Who knows what is wrong with the toys. I don’t shop there even though I have to take 2 buses to go elsewhere.

  • Wal Mart Ruined my town

    My wife worked for Wal Mart in the 70s. She loved it. Sam Walton made a visit to the Denison, Tx store and my wife was very impressed with his involement with the employees. He walked through the store greeting and meeting all! He dressed like anyone else. He acted like an average person. Now to the present… Hind sight is 20-20?. Denison downtown has all but Shut-Down most retail stores (except a hand full). The negative effect since the Newer Death Star has been built is everywhere in this town. If Wal Mart is eaten from the inside, It will be because the franchise has gotten out of control with business tactics. BTW, My wife left WM after 5 years for better employment.

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  • Jim Mac

    Walamrt sucks for hiring me. They gave me a job that a monkey could do. I take stuff out of boxes and put them on a shelf. Those assholes only pay me minimum wage for this highly skilled and difficult job. I should be able to work about 10 hours a week (emptying boxes) and pay for a housing, food, cable tv, car, i-phone, cigarettes, and everything else for the 4 kids I have from 4 different fathers. Yeah, Walmart sucks. I really thought my life would be better, even though I have no skills, no ambition, no education, etc. And it’s Walmart’s fault

  • I too work at Wal-mart. I have just begun my 7th year with Wal-mart. For the most part I enjoy my job. Of course the management is crappy as everyone stated. As a cashier I see very little of the management. Or I never would have lasted this long. We have 1 associate coving 3-5 departments regularly (hardware, electronice, toys, photo center, and housewares. Then only associates that get hired are teen age or 20 something that could careless about getting a job done. Work on the sales floor HELL NO!

    But my main complaints are the customers. I often wonder if they come to wal-mart smelling foul, often needing a tic tac 🙂 allowing their children to tear up my check out area because the do not like wal-mart actually telling their kids it is okay because it is job security, um that is bullshit believe me I have plenty to do other then pick up after your bratty kids. When your bratty kids are screaming bust their asses! Lord knows my mother busted mine and I am better for it!

    Get off your cell phone and talk to me, when I ask if you need cash back answer me because if you do not then I run your transaction and guess what you get no cash back! You screwed yourself 😉 Stop clicking your credit/debit cards on the counter.

    You want faster service?
    1. Take your own bags off the bagging area.
    2. Have a form of payment ready.
    3. Carry your ID with you, I have to ask for it from time to time. I could give a hoot if you are drinking underage, but I am not going to lose my job or your stupidity.
    4. Pay attention to what I am asking you, there is a reason why I am asking you.
    5. Do not store your money in your sock, bra, etc that is just nasty.
    6. Ladies, think about bigger shirts! Seriously I do not want to see your breasts, MINE look better 😉
    7. Keep your bratty kids under control or leave them home. When I have to stop doing my job to watch to make sure your kids are not getting in my way or stealing something, that slows me down.
    9. No I cannot give you change, Wal-mart’s rule not mine. I do not know what the prices are if you know that something has a clearance sticker on it TELLING ME WOULD BE HELPFUL. Once the sale is finalized – um you have a reciept there is NOTHING further I can do to assist you…Got to the Service desk like a nice little customer. 😉

    And yes there are times we laugh our asses off at you back in the breakroom over your smell, and your rudeness or strait up stupidity. Most of the people that work at wal-mart could care less, if you had a good shopping trip.

    If you as a customer want better service be a little nicer to the cashier. You might get better service. I treat all the customers well unless they treat me badly, you get what you deserve.

    I am a couponer-sale bill shopper (not extreme – – like tv but I do pretty good at it.) In fact I have gotten too good at couponing and was called in the office for a chat with the store manager and an assistant manager (who I thought was pretty good at their job).

    Our store honored the Walgreens register rewards for EVER! We was preached at every cashier meeting to make the customer happy…it is not worth the few cents we loose at the register to make the customer unhappy. At least 3 assistants told me this at several meetings. But when I comped something down using RR and coupons to pay for the product (ended up costing $0.00). Another cashier turned me in for comping walgreen’s RR. I was told by the store manager that it was unethinical (sorry cannot spell that), and a whole lot more. I then repeated what the assistants said and guess what? The assistant that had told us it was okay kept quiet and looked at her shoes. After she used her cell phone to pull up the ad to show the store manager. I did not use my id, or debit card or anything to link me to the sale because it was not needed, not because I was in the wrong. SO how did management find out? The other cashier who openly hates couponers reported it. Sadly enough I could have lost my job over nothing.

    It was not an official coaching, but a “FRIENDLY HEADS UP” We now limit the number of comps that can be done to 2 maybe 4-5. We have lost customers big time now. Now that the couponer’s go to a comp friendly wal-mart we have had our hours cut, lost our myshare for this quarter, and none of the managers talk to me or even look my way. It is not Bentonville that has made this ruling but our Store manager who is taking care of the store’s bottom line.. Bull she is looking out for her own pockets. I was told she wants to retire in the next year or so all I can say is Good riddiance to bad rubbish.

    I hope the next manager is better, a drunken mouse could not be much worse 🙂

  • I am sorry if I ticked anybody off but that is how I feel, and if there are spelling/grammer errors well you who love to nit pick…knock yourselves out 🙂

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  • Grace

    Yes, Walmart SUCKS!

  • Anonymous

    I HATE HATE HATE walmart!!!!

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