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RagingTantrum.com is run by a team of easily offended Spider Monkeys.  We’re interested in politics, life, sports, pop culture, and plenty of other random stuff.  If YOU’RE an easily offended Spider Monkey and you want to join the angriest team of Spider Monkeys in cyberspace… let us know!  Otherwise enjoy the site.

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Lord Tantrum

We’re looking for two more contributors! If you’re an angry person (or if you just like to write!) and you’d like to join the crew send us an email. We’re looking for EITHER 4+ short posts (100-300 words) OR 1+ columns (500 words+) per week. You’ll get your own author page and can post a link to your website or blog. Contact us for more details.

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Email us at: RagingTantrum@Hotmail.com

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